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Enactor Retail for Store

OneView Commerce, Inc.
IBM PureFlex System
Provided by:OneView Commerce, Inc.
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Enactor Retail for Store is a suite of enterprise level retail applications that empower a seamless cross-channel experience for large retailers through highly scalable, mobile-ready applications, SOA-based toolsets and business process-driven design. Now enabled on PureFlex for rapid deployment.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    The Enactor Retail Suite provides retailers complete control over business-critical software resources by delivering powerful tools to adapt applications on demand to meet their specific business processes without the need for traditional parameter-based source code modifications. Enactor combines a next generation point-of-sale (POS) with a full range of supporting applications to enable and maintain the store landscape across the enterprise. At its core is the Enactor Platform which hosts and provides generic services common to central and distributed systems.

    A retailer's highly valuable business processes are continuously evolving to meet customer demand, gain competitive advantage or increase market share. Maximizing these processes and accommodating adjustments to them is critical to remaining relevant and competitive in today’s challenging retail landscape. Configurable, parameter-based retail systems often leave a retailer unable to adapt or develop new processes without costly and time-consuming source code modifications. This disconnect in turn limits a retailer’s ability to meet customer demands or deliver a consistent experience across channels.

    Enactor has established itself as a market leader in service oriented architecture (SOA) aimed specifically at retail organizations. It focuses on delivering enterprise retail applications that can be adjusted "on demand" to meet the complex and fast-changing requirements of today's retail infrastructure.

    Business Case

    OneView’s Enactor Retail for Store marks a transformation in how point of sale and store systems are developed and interact across all channels. Leveraging a SOA-based, business process-driven architecture, OneView interconnects disparate applications via the commerce-driven Enactor Commerce Platform to enable seamless cross channel operations from the store up. Now enabled on PureFlex for rapid deployment.

    Business Problem

    OneView's Enactor Retail for Store provides an immediate solution to connecting disparate applications across the retail enterprise and provides the flexibility to run the application on any device any time, anywhere. This removes the issues of creating another technology silo when incorporating mobility into the business strategy.

  • -Technical Details

    Flexible – the Enactor Retail Suite can be adapted to accommodate the detailed, highly valuable business processes and priorities of each individual retailer through its powerful business-process based system infrastructure.

    Agile – leveraging open systems knowledge gained over the last decade, Enactor combines fully native SOA and Web 2.0 capabilities to meet the rapidly changing retail challenges of today.

    Responsive – POS to inventory control and from customer ordering to store management, Enactor gives the retailer complete and comprehensive on-demand control. Applications adapt to businesses rather than businesses to applications.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Lexy Johnson


    Phone: 1-617-279-0549 x716

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