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FIX Flyer Daytona- FIX Gateway, High Frequency Order Routing, Algorithmic Trading

IBM PureFlex System
Provided by:FIX Flyer LLC
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FIX Flyer Daytona offers all the components necessary for high frequency trading, such as order management, routing and transformation, algorithms, monitoring and more. Daytona covers the full trading stack from low-level connectivity to business level trading view. Now enabled on IBM PureSystems for faster time to value.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Daytona is used to monitor some of the fastest growing and most demanding trading applications in the world. Some features include:

    -Complex latency analytics and real-time alerts -Robust interface provides the ability to cancel, bust, replace, or adjust trades for testing or as a back up to your main OMS -Minimal impact to your product, UAT, and development environments -Easily search and analyze trades -Processes millions of trades per day -Displays to the screen at rates of over 3,000 trades per second -Offers flexible and secure deployment options

    Business Case

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  • -Technical Details

    -Monitor all vital information across thousands of sessions globally -Visual and audible alerting -Handles order routing, market feed and post trade messaging -Extend alerting and statistics to emails -Intuitive and easy to use interface lets you find what you need quickly -Choose columns, filters and sort criteria for refined configurability -One single application to configure your entire trading subsystem -Entitlements protect unauthorized changes -Analyze your message traffic to help debug issues on the fly -Highly architected for scalable and mission critical high speed electronic trading -Operating system and FIX engine agnostic extending use to mixed environments

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    Provider Information

    Name: George Kledaras


    Phone: 1-212-288-7935

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