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The Solution for Auditing Read Access of Sensitive Data Files on the IBM i
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Database View Monitor (DVM) gives you complete control over sensitive information by telling you who has viewed sensitive records in a file, and when and how those records were accessed.

    Without needing to change your existing applications, DVM offers total read access control for sensitive data at both the record and field level.

    Business Case

    • Security on IBM i
    • Reinforce the confidentiality of your critical data

    Business Problem

    • Deter fraudulent activity
    • Reduce the risk of confidential data disclosure
    • Meet the most stringent regulatory requirements on data access and protection.

  • -Technical Details

    With DVM you can:

    • Block and/or alert upon confidential data access outside of normal application processes
    • Block and/or alert upon specific data access of a specific file (managerial salaries, medical data, data for public figures, etc.)
    • Produce pertinent reports of viewed records showing how data was accessed (IP address, current user, call stack, etc.)
    • Specify only the fields you need to see on the report, not the entire record, which keeps your confidential data truly confidential.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Guy MARMORAT


    Phone: +334 50 69 45 98

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