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The enProject is the PMS(Project Management System) solution which provides the project information, project progress status, technology information and project monitoring based on the standard project management process through the project life cycle
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    The enProject is web-based integrated project management solution which provides the powerful management tools and enterprise project information to all of project staffs such as executives, project manager/leader, team members through the project life cycle.

    Because the solution includes the industry specific templates and useful functionalities developed with in-depth expertise and best practices from many project managements in various industries over 20 years, it can enhance the transparency, performance, and efficiency of the projects. Using the solution to provide java-based application framework with web 2.0 technology , the enterprise project management system can be easily implemented with saving cost and period.

    Business Case

    * Manufacturing Product development management

     - Integrated information management with tangible/intangible assets through KMS-based project management

     - Core information management in product development process related to the initial management of product and equipments

     - Systematic management through the plan and performance per project and work group.

    * R&D portal for new product project

     - Integrated development information system for collaboration with work groups

     - Integration of related systems for core tasks and enable user access to get necessary information from enterprise systems

    * R&D center project management system

     - Process standardization and R&D members’ project report system

    * Enterprise project management system

     - R&D engineering process innovation to provide flexibility from business environment change

     - Integrated Information system for systematic task management with standard process and criteria

    * Invest Management

     - Enhancement of ROI through systematic project management

    * Strategy project management

     - Management for enterprise process innovation task / IT task / Strategic task

    Business Problem

    - Difficult to collaborate with project members due to no communication tools

    - Waste time and cost because project information can not be shared and reused.

    - Can not monitor the project status to detect the risks and issues

    - There is no standard process to manage enterprise projects

    - Difficult to evaluate project performance and make the right decisions based on the facts

    - Difficult to manage project resources efficiently

  • -Technical Details

    * Project scheduling/Planning: WBS, calendar, revision management

    * Resource management and workload analysis and balancing

    * Cost and performance management

    * Issue management

    * Collaboration management : e-approval, ToDo list, notice and bulletin board

    * Output management : technical information, project document and results

    * Monitoring : enterprise project status and decision making support

    * Standard template management per project type

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: IK Chung Chang


    Phone: +822-3486-1977

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