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Software Engine extracts digital CRM ERM archives directly from any platform without access to legacy platform. Supporting 200+ application formats (Coins, Mobius, TREEV, FileNet, CA, et al) can apply transformations to legacy data and metadata (AFP,PDF,TIFF) transforming archives to a format to be loaded into IBM CMOD
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    The TrilliCom Engine solution extends the IBM Content Manager OnDemand platform by extracting foreign EMC and ERM archives directly from any storage platform (optical, disk, tape) without access to the source platform at high-speed. The Engine supports over 200 applications (Coins, Mobius, TREEV, FileNet, SER OnBase, CA View and Deliver, Optika, Jack Henry, Anacomp, Systemware, Sungard, et al) and can apply transformations to the legacy data and metadata (AFP, PDF, TIFF) transforming the archives to a format for loading into IBM CMOD. Customers can seamlessly access old and new archives from their CMOD repository (ETL) Hardware, software, connectors and maintenance costs are no longer a burden as the customer data has passed through the Engine and now resides in an enterprise wide repository.

    Business Case

    Having processed over a petabyte of data, the TrilliCom Engine deals first-hand with hundreds of storage devices, data formats, image and report applications and the needs of customer wanting to protect and transform their data archives out of older and/or acquired technologies into hardware and software applications that meet thier current and future requirements. Does not require development time. TrilliCom services and automated processes transition archives to new platform without downtime, impact or technical dependencies with legacy platform. There is no impact to customers current production systems. Reduces risk of data loss stored on old technology. Reduces costs associated with maintaining multiple systems, using or writing connectors and conversion software.

    Business Problem

    Customers with digital archives on storage or in applications that do not meet their current business requirements. Changing storage, moving to a new software platform, acquired data not in the format they want. Data stored in a proprietary format and a more standard format is preferred. Aging or unsupported hardware and or software. Require modification to data-stream and or meta-data to meet more current business requirements.

  • -Technical Details

    Software within the TrilliCom Engine Extracts, Transforms, Loads (ETL). Provides seamless transition of digital archives into Content Manager OnDemand. Transforms digital archives and metadata (AFP, PDF, TIFF) to meet current business needs. Engines software is flexible and can be applied to a range of applications, data-streams, and metadata transformations.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: donna walker


    Phone: 805.577.1062

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