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Silvermoon Insurance Enterprise Suite

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The Silvermoon Insurance Enterprise Suite is a product-driven system that runs all lines of business on a single platform. It provides solutions for Policy Administration, Channel and Commission Management, Claims and Billing & Collection. It is a pure implementation of Service Oriented Architecture and is Cloud ready.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    The Silvermoon Insurance Enterprise Suite is a service-oriented component-based solution built according to IBM’s Insurance Application Architecture (IAA) which is now the foundation of industry standards being established by ACORD.

    The IBM IAA Reference Architecture is a blueprint for Insurance Companies. It provides both a business architecture and an application architecture for the Insurance Industry.

    The Silvermoon Insurance Enterprise Suite provides an end-to-end, highly flexible core insurance administration solution for all lines of business (Life, Health, Property & Casualty, Re-insurance, etc.) which can also be used for specific solutions, including:

    • Product-driven Policy Acquisition, Administration, Billing & Collection
    • Channel and Commission Management
    • Claims Management

    The solution provides an open, extensible and customizable component suite which may be used to fast-track custom enterprise solution development.

    The components are built on a Java platform using J2EE technology and makes use of open standards-based J2EE frameworks.

    This solution has been successfully tested on IBM’s Cloud Computing Platform.

    Business Case

    Our Insurance Enterprise Suite offers the following opportunities:

    • Core insurance administration transformation.
    • Insurance Enterprise TCO reduction.
    • Insurance product-to-market acceleration.
    • Channel and Commission Management enablement
    • Moving Insurance administration into the Cloud.
    • Smart Claims Management.

    Business Problem

    The following problems are solved:

    • Time to market – too long and requires extensive application development.
    • Runaway TCO – lack of standardization, extensive duplication across and within lines of business (LoB).
    • No single view of the customer available to insurance admin operations – quotes, admin, claims, etc.
    • Inefficient and inconsistent control across admin platforms.
    • Lack of information sharing across process and (LoB) silos.

  • -Technical Details

    Our Insurance Enterprise Suite provides:

    • Configurable products, incl. rules, rates & contract life-cycle
    • Product-driven Policy Acquisition & Admin
    • Channel & Commission Mng.
    • Claims Mng.
    • Billing & Collection

    Component-based services


    • Fin. Services Agreement
    • Intermediary Agreement
    • Claim Mng.
    • Underwriting Mng.


    • Generic Agreement
    • Financial Trx
    • Account & Fund
    • Party
    • Claim
    • Assessment, Activity, Condition & Place
    • Physical Object
    • Communications
    • Security, incl. Request & Authorization
    • Rating
    • Common

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Graham Grindley-Ferris


    Phone: +27 82 7872291 or +27 21 5515307

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