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Version:4.0.3 HF01
Automation of sales activity for Insurance Companies Agents. Solution that manages the sales cycle, and provides the information an Agent needs to perform the sale. It also allows measuring of the Conversion Rate (how many prospects turns into clients) and many other key indicators of commercial health
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    What is SOAS - ARM?

    The Insurance Industry has important challenges in present days, regarding the commercial activity :

    • A strong competition between insurance companies and the growing number of new insurance companies.
    • It is very difficult to measure the agents and their activity.
    • The relationship between the Insurance Company and the Insurance Agent is usually not as beneficial as it could be.
    Considering the previous assumptions, SOAS platform emerged. SOAS means "Support for Insurance Agents", and this is a solution that enables the company to answer important questions that today are difficult or impossible to answer:
    • How many agents are inactive?
    • What ideal behavior does the company expect from the agent?
    • How loyal is an agent to the Insurance Company? 
    • What performance do the Agents have?
    • What conversion rates do the Agents have?
    • What results are the campaigns driving?
    • Which opportunities are being missed by the Agents?
    • Are the Agents keeping continuous contact with their clients?

    SOAS is a new type of solution conceptually called "ARM" (Agent Relationship Management)

    By measuring the relationship with the agent, you can improve it for the benefit of the Insurance Company. Remember:

    "Everything that we cannot measure, can't be improved."

    Business Case

    1. Increase and maximize the relationship bertween the Insurance Company and the Insurance agent.
    2. Allow control of sales activity performed by the Insurance Agents.
    3. Give the Insurance Company key information regarding the sales and commercial activity of the Sales Force.

    4. SOAS also currently supports SasS model based on CloudComputing. This allows the Insurance Companies to rent the software, hardware and middleware, paying only for what they use.

    Business Problem

    Be able to provide to the actual sales force of a Insurance Company tools to be able to sell more policies. This will increase agent loyalty and sales. Companies will gain Agent Intimacy. 

  • -Technical Details

    Agent 360 Customer 360 Agent Alarms - loosing loyalty - claims increase - loosing products Customer Alarms Ideal Products by Agent Ideal Products by Customer Agent ranking Agent Rewards (loyalty programs) Tasks (interaction with agents)

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: José María Álvarez Echevarría


    Phone: +52 01 55 52071656

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