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SmartLender Loan Origination System

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SmartLender Loan Origination System is a comprehensive Origination System which supports the bank’s Corporate Lending Operations.It enables the bank to make sound judgments on credit and loan facility structuring while ensuring high credit compliance.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    SmartLender Loan Origination System is a Credit Processing system which addresses the functionality related to Corporate Loan application, Data capture with regard to the borrowers, pre-qualification checks, group exposure and underwriting. It has a complex routing mechanism which caters to the application approval routing requirements of various users. The solution is designed to interface with the credit rating agencies and credit bureaus for data feeds. It has a robust rules engine that stores and defines business logic. It contains various templates for documentation at all levels.

    Business Case

    SmartLender Loan Origination System module should be pitched at 2 levels within a bank - Corporate Banking - Risk Management

    Business Problem

    - To configure and manage the bank’s credit policies to automatically check and ensure conformance - To manage Internal risk and credit eligibility norms - To set up work-flows for each business product - To track the status of each application online - To measure performance of the underwriting team and track the turnaround time. - To generate offer letters based on the risk profile of the customer

  • -Technical Details

    The Key Feature of SmartLender Loan Origination System are as below: - Definition of Business Rules and Credit Policies - Supports different multiple Loan products and processes - Application Credit Scoring and Compliance Check - Call Report Management - Pre-Qualification Screening - Flexible Queue Based Routing Mechanism - Decision making driven by Robust Rule Engine - Work-flow/Task driven Underwriting process - Financial Analysis and Credit Rating - Credit Review and Monitoring - Memos and notification facility - Collateral Charging and Linking - Dynamic Letter of Offer generation based on predefined template

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Krishna Das


    Phone: +91-22-6770 7183

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