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Aviarc® socializes enterprise application development. If certainty of outcome and time to value are critical and capabilities such as web browser based, cloud, mobile, SaaS, social and user driven are important, then Aviarc delivers a world leading experience in software requirements elicitation, design and automation.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Aviarc is the easiest, most certain and fastest way to get a great idea out of your head and designed and built as a user driven enterprise application. It’s a next generation 100% browser based, way to socialize business ideas, design ways to automate those ideas, then create user driven enterprise applications.  These can be deployed on any platform from mobile devices, through laptops and servers, private and public clouds such as IBM SCE to the largest mighty Z Series systems and redeployed at will.

    Clients consistently characterize Aviarc as delivering complete certainty of outcome, backed up by the fastest time to value they have ever experienced.  The way of working is described as beyond Agile, user driven, creative, unconstrained.  Time to value is described as one week for every month of best practice Agile.  In some cases clients can design and deploy custom applications that exactly meet their needs at lower TCO than popular package solutions.

    Aviarc solutions have been deployed in Financial Services, Education, High Security private and Public Sector organizations, Medical, Film and Manufacturing.

    Aviarc is integrated with many IBM technologies, including WebSphere, Rational and Cast Iron.  It is also available via the SmartCloud Enterprise as well as on other popular public clouds.

    Key words:  User driven, socialize, Requirements elicitation, APaaS, SaaS, web, cloud, agile, SOA, custom application development, WebSphere, Rational, Smart Cloud Enterprise

    Business Case

    For the ISV:  Aviarc is the ideal way to extend your offering into socialization, mobile, cloud and SaaS capability - either to create new value, to extend the life of your core software asset or as the first step in exploiting Aviarc to renew your solution to take advantage of the compelling TCO of Aviarc and be end to end future proofed.

    For the CIO, architect and software professional: Radically accelerate application development cycles, build corridors of close cooperation with LOBs, remove the need for shadow IT, rapidly reduce application backlogs, drive down application TCO, meet legislated deadlines, exploit IBM cloud, address challenges of scalability, business continuity, portability.  Use Aviarc to implement private, hybrid and public cloud solutions.  Deliver successful software projects to the business.  Use Aviarc to leverage value from SOA investment.  Use Aviarc to lower the barrier to adoption of and create early returns from BPM.

    For the line of business manager: collaborate closely with IT to rapidly implement an Agility/Innovation center, producing compelling ROI on business process improvements and tactical applications that drive competitive differentiation.  Exploit the flexibility and power of Aviarc to ensure successful collaboration with your IT services supplier and to tackle the application development backlog. Expect software development to keep pace with business needs.

    Business Problem

    Aviarc addresses many problems:

    • The need for certainty of outcome in critical projects,
    • Early visibility of an application's look, feel, behavior and execution,
    • Creative collaboration between users and IT,
    • Application backlog removal,
    • BPM and cloud application opportunities,
    • Rapid application renewal,
    • Obviate situational apps,
    • Extreme flexibility of deployment - private, hybrid, public cloud.

  • -Technical Details

    Aviarc is a unique requirements elicitation and application development suite that runs natively in the Cloud. Agnostic of OS, platform and browser, Aviarc is built on mainstream technologies (e.g. the underlying code is Java). It exploits many patent, groundbreaking, technologies such as Aviarc Drawingboard and the Temporal Software Engine. The impact on ease of imagining business solutions, designing ways to automate them, development, testing, support and deployment are profound. Aviarc exploits a range of unique breakthroughs that allow the complex software development process to merge with requirements gathering, becoming visual and intuitive.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: John Boon, Head of Markets


    Phone: +64 4 801 2250

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