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Version: 1.0
GridManager has developed an integrated energy management system, focused on the commercial and Industrial segments (C&I). The architecture and implementation has been supported by IBM, and is scalable to national system levels.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    The idea is to provide the consumers with a fully integrated “Plug’n’play” portal solution for Energy Efficiency, Demand Response, Load Shifting and Grid Balancing. Implementing an all-in-one package makes it possible to offer various market opportunities to GridManager clients, effectively turning the burden of consumption into an asset that can be utilized.

    The GridManager energy saving solution incorporates modular wireless based monitoring sensors, a wireless network Agent, and a user-friendly interactive web portal, where electricity consumption profiles can be easily analyzed and controlled.

    Enabling wireless communication between device level sensors, and utilities, customers can minimize energy costs by responding to time-of-use pricing signals, demand response initiatives, or other customizable variables. Moreover, this real-time consumption management can be actively managed or fully automated, while maintaining complete functionality and dependability for customers. Customers can allow specific parts of their consumption to be managed remotely by grid operators, enabling the consumer to take advantage of incentive programs for grid balancing.

    Through the customer web portal, broad and detailed consumption data insight is accessible in easy-to-understand charts and graphs, where trends and achieved savings are displayed.

    GridManager and IBM have teamed to deliver a comprehensive solution with built-in application expertise to help utilities benefit from the wealth of data. GridManagers cloud solution is Ready for PureSystems to allow for fast and flexible deployment

    Business Case

    The solution is designed to be implemented as a set of modules:

    Live view

    A systems dashboard provides instant access to a live view. It displays current energy flow, status of meters. Remote control is provided where the equipment allows. GridManager is an online system, so the icons displayed a updated with the actual status.

    Historic perspective

    Data can also be reviewed in a historic perspective. Graphs can be configured to display different periods of time or even days of consumption. It is even possible compile datasets and display groups of consumption points.

    Prices Ensuring focus on current energy prices is provided as a dedicated module. The controllers installed at the client’s premises can display the same data.


    Getting in control is vital for the clients – which the system provides in several ways. A manual option is available, but more importantly the system can be configured to take control.

    Demand response Demand response is translated into a set of tools that enables the users to acquire savings by shifting parts of the load. As for the rest of the system the portal enables the user to firstly acquire data, validate the potential for savings, let the system taken control, and lastly to document what has been achieved. Paring different balancing markets is yet another example of how the system turns challenges into opportunities for the consumer.

    Document saving

    The entire solution is build around the objective of providing and documenting savings achieved. Projects are defined, with a set of stages, that when completed reports documents the savings.

    Business Problem

    The solution provides added-value to:

    • EE - Insights on the current situation, provides improved behavioral effects
    • Energy management - Taking control enforces the behavioral improvement
    • Emissions tax - Wide consumption knowledge provides improved management of taxations
    • Energy auditing - Interaction with energy consultants becomes natural.
    • DR/ Load shifting - Forecasted energy prices enables utilization of low price periods of time

  • -Technical Details

    The GridManager business model is based on the approach that we need to meet the customers at their individual levels, and then educate them and add functionality and modules as and when relevant.

    An important factor relates to state of awareness they are already in. Some consumers have already conducted some project on Energy efficiency, and have already cashed in, on the lowest hanging fruits; others are novels to all of this.

    It doesn’t make sense to try and teach a consumer that doesn’t know where they are, on advanced market mechanisms.


  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Mogens Birkelund


    Phone: +45 50 77 01 71

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