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appeleon is a GAP application platform, which allows you to close breaches (GAPs) within your IT-Infrastructure. appeleon allows to use ready2run apps which can be changed easily without programming skills using your web browser.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    It is your goal to close the GAPs within your IT environment quickly and easily. By using the appeleon GAP application platform there are 2 paths to meet the expectations of your external and/or internal clients.

    Within the application mall an increasing amount of ready2run applications are available which are installable within seconds and ready to use. These apps can be changed quickly without any programming skills.

    The other path to go with the appeleon GAP application platform is to configure a new app. Here again, no or few knowledge of programming is required. With the application “Excel2App” which is available in the application mall, the user can build a new application within minutes including all data held by the excel file. This app can be used right away company wide respecting roles and rights.

    Conclusion: No matter how simple or complex a requirement for an application in your company is described, no matter how many users need to collaborate, appeleon GAP application solution is the platform to fill your GAPs which were not yet closed due to matters of time and cost.

    appeleon GAP application platform now also runs on IBM PureApplication System. There is no faster way.

    Business Case

    Business Problem

  • -Technical Details

    • There are over 450 Features (Functions) available
    • Configuration (change or build an application) is done within a web browser
    • „What you configure is what you get“
    • Technical Documentation is available within one mouse click (Auto-Documentation)
    • Automated configuration (building an app) by using Excel2App
    • Multilanguage, Multicurrency
    • Sophisticated Roles and Rights System
    • Fast integration with other applications within your company (SOAP, XML…)
    • No abstract concepts, since the application is visible right away

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Christina Baumstark


    Phone: +49-621- 480 29 50

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