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EZ Web Publishing

MESA Technology, Inc
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An easy to use content management system for any industry to create a unique site. Allows users to update in real time- content, control tabs, sections, members management, podcasting, calendar, and event registrations. Built-in facilities enhancing search engine positioning. Enabled on IBM PureSystems for rapid deployment.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    EZ Web Publishing

    Content Management that You Can Use A web site needs to be current, popular and easily found. Is this what your site is doing for you?

    EZ Web Publishing can do all that and more. It has built-in facilities to enhance search engine positioning, is easy to use and your site uniquely reflects your branding and your total marketing program.

    Features: - your unique look and feel - easily updated - easy to add tabs and sections - search engine friendly - search engine optimization features - members only section - podcasting - event calendar - event registrations

    For further information, contact or 847-847-2377

    Business Case

    EZ Web Publishing provides the authorized users the ability to create their own web site with their own contents whether in text, image or other electronic forms. With the capability to easily and quickly publish their contents enable the users to create great business opportunities to reach their market faster. This gives the site owners the opportunity to promote their specials, make timely announcements and other communications to the open web easily and fast.

    With the EZ Web Publishing capability of putting in communications links enable the site owner to connect with their users and visitors. EZ Web Publishing enables the owners to list their events in a easy to follow calendar with links that describes the event. This enables the site owners the opportunity to attract participants, while the event management function enables the site owners to easily manage the event registration.

    EZ Web publishing has the capability to incorporate e-Commerce capabilities providing the site owners the opportunity to run their business on line.

    Business Problem

    EZ Web Publishing enables site owners to be independent and not have to be tied to a programmer for any changes that needed to be made to their web site. The site owners do not have to technical to manage their content. The owners can add, change, delete contents either on the EZ Web Publishing templates or by uploading, point and choose from the EZ Web Publishing library. The web site can be refreshed quickly whenever the owners desire to do so.

  • -Technical Details

    EZ Web Publishing provides all the functions needed for authorized users to create their own unique easy to manage web sites. EZ Web Publishing provides users with:

    - framework for their home page and self created tabs and sub pages - easy to use tools for managing their text, images, graphics, links, feeds and other contents. - the ability to create your unique look and feel - easily updated and easy to use upload features and library - easy to add tabs and sections - search engine friendly - search engine optimization features - members only section - podcasting - event calendar - event registrations - contact for web owners via email links and other contact information

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Janny Leung


    Phone: 1-877-333-MESA

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