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Version:Release 9
Infor XA is a dedicated discrete manufacturing ERP based on the System i platform. XA is built with Java and features a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) design with leading edge user interface. This is complemented by Infor 10 technology stack, offering enterprise integration capability.
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    Pattern Overview

    Infor XA Release 9 is a SOA architected, meta data driven manufacturing ERP. Designed for discrete manufacturers from 30 users up to enterprise, this System i ERP offers leading edge technology written in Java, offering all the benefits of SOA architecture – with the reliability and low cost of System i . Backed by 30 years of experience, and complemented by Infor ION integration architecture, ERP XA is the robust core of your integrated enterprise applications.

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    Infor XA provides a scalable, multi-company, multi-site, and multi-language platform for manufacturers in a variety of industries. XA serves industries such as industrial equipment and machinery, high tech and electronics, and industries where production processes are highly repetitive or products are highly configured. Infor ERP XA supports global operations, is easy to use, provides information visibility for decision makers, and supports a low cost of ownership and flexibility in the business. Business processes supported include: Demand visibility, Communication with suppliers, Planning, Execution, Production control, Engineering, Finance, Personalization, Extensions & Integration.

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    Name: Ross Freeman


    Phone: 1-800-260-2640

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