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isfinancial is a concept for modern, process-oriented and future-proof credit management designed to meet the requirements of banking organizations. The solution offering addresses important topics like productivity, efficiency, agility and transparency.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    isfinancial organizes the entire corporate banking credit business in a manner that makes the complexity more manageable. Overview, control and security are markedly improved for everyone involved in the process. isfinancial optimizes the risk management by the rapid availability of risk-related information and data, which are added and updated with low effort. All information for a resilient credit decision are available at any time for every person involved in the process. isfinancial minimizes the typically large effort associated with the corporate banking business - lead times and costs are decreased. isfinancial was developed by banking and credit experts in cooperation with IT professionals. The close association found between banking know-how and state of the art IT technologies ensures outstanding quality and functionality.

    Business Case

    isfinancial optimizes risk management via the speedy availability of risk-related information and data, which can be entered and updated with little effort. For this reason, each member of the process chain has a solid basis for reliable decisions regarding all aspects of credit exposure. The isfinancial banking meta-model enables a comprehensive view of all relevant data in the credit process. Thus, relevant data can be completely and automatically provided for any particular process step. At the same time, ‘information overload’ from irrelevant data can be prevented. In addition to systematic information management within the framework of process support, isfinancial, as a central data source, serves executive management within organizations, credit and process organizational staff areas, and marketing and risk management.

    Business Problem

    Nowadays financial institutions are confronted with a glut of data. The art of working with this data consists of identifying the decision drivers and intelligently linking the available information. Therefore an integrated process support with a global view of all relevant information of the customer is needed (customer relations, accounts, contracts, risk factors). Similarly, a central solution for managing and maintaining the data is required.

  • -Technical Details

    isfinancial represents a new generation of highly flexible and process-oriented solution components for an innovative credit management. Using the flexible configuration and combination options for various banking components, a customized solution for every financial institution emerges. Highly standardized retail processes can be supported in the same manner as complex investment projects and special financing activities found in the corporate lending business. The consistent support of the processing steps ensures the highest level of process efficiency regardless of the degree of complexity.

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    Provider Information

    Name: knowis AG, Hermann-Koehl-Str.2a, 93049 Regensburg GERMANY


    Phone: +49 941 409 249 0

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