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Infor Ln is delivers advanced Supply Chain Mgmt, Manufacturing, Service Mgmt and Global Financial to support complex operations in a single environment. Specialized by Industry and Engineered for Speed. Now enabled on IBM PureSystems to provide ease of deployment and integrated expertise.
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    Pattern Overview

    Infor LN is an advanced ERP solution that brings together essential business functions in a scalable, multi-language, open systems platform for manufacturers in industries such as industrial equipment & machinery, high-tech and electronics, automotive, aerospace and defense and industrial manufacturing. Infor10 ERP Enterprise (LN) provides manufacturers with flexible business operations support across all departments including finance, warehousing, transportation and aftermarket service. The solution includes strong capabilities in configuration, planning, manufacturing and service management. The wide range of capabilities provides a high return on investment (ROI). Functions and business process are tailored for specific industries lowering operating costs and improving competitiveness. Infor10 ERP Enterprise (LN) supports global operations with multi site implementations, has extensive localization and language support, is easy to use, provides visibility of information for decision makers, and supports a low cost of ownership and flexibility in the business. Solution is Engineered for speed allowing you to quickly reconfigure the solution to support change in manufacturing styles and business operations. Infor10 ERP Enterprise (LN) revolutionizes the way work is done. The consumer grade user experience and mobile solutions deliver information to the finger tips of users in real time to make actionable decisions as soon as an event takes place.

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    Infor Ln gives you control over every aspect of your manufacturing supply chain, from design through to delivery, and beyond to your after-market service business. Functions include: Visibility and control over your global operations. Financial budgeting, consolidation, and strategic planning. Enterprise planning to improve manufacturing supply chain performance. Customer relationship management to maximize your market opportunity. Assembly Line Control to synchronize manufacturing in a work-station production environment Flexible architecture so that you can define and re-define your processes. Infor10 ION technology: Workspace, Process, Intelligence, Mobile

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    Provider Information

    Name: Sue Peyton


    Phone: 1-800-260-2640

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