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Kana Software, Inc.
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KANA Enterprise is designed for organizations that want to deliver exceptional customer service experience to differentiate their brand. It is an end-to-end solution for customer service and enables organizations to deliver an exceptional experience to customers on Web, mobile, social and contact center channels.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    The KANA Enterprise platform is a unified platform that incorporates closely integrated capabilities, including knowledge management, process management, case management, mail management, live chat, co-browse, social listening and analytics, and social community. It is a unique process-based solution that streamlines service operations across organizations, channels and enterprise applications to create a complete customer service ecosystem that enables fast adaptation to evolving business needs.

    It seamlessly blends knowledge management with process management creating knowledge-infused processes, which proactively present the relevant information to the customer and the agent in the context of the customer profile and the interaction at each step of the business process. This context aware capability enables the organization to deliver personalized customer experiences across all channels. It empowers the organization with its Omni-channel capability, which provides the customers with consistent experiences across the different channels as well as the ability to move between channels in a seamless way during the same visit or on subsequent visits. It also ensures that a full history of all transactions to date is always visible. It supports: Agent Experience: Unified agent desktop for contact center agents. Web Experience: Personalized Web self-service. Mobile Experience: Customer service on different mobile devices. Social Experience: Listening, analysis and responding.

    Business Case

    For medium to large organizations that have these characteristics:

    • Customer experience is a top strategic priority & there is a recognition of the importance of good customer experience for the brand

    • Highly dependent on ongoing customer relationships, provides a recurring service

    • Ongoing initiative to improve the productivity of their contact center operation, optimize agents’ time spent helping customers, while maintaining good customer experience

    • Self-Service Channel is a key channel for service delivery

    • Have Information-rich products or services

    • Knowledge Management is important

    • Gone through multiple M&As in last few years and Agent Desktop unification is a problem

    • Plan to leverage social media to enhance customer experience

    Business Problem

    •Improves customer experience and service across all channels

    •Reduces the cost of operation while providing good customer service

    •Improve the productivity of contact center agents

    •Enhances the customer self-service web and mobile experiences

    •Provides a consistent customer experience across the different channels

    •Reduces the cost of training agents in organizations with large & continuously evolving portfolio of products/services

  • -Technical Details

    Knowledge Management

    Case Management

    Agent Desktop

    Email Management

    Whitemail Management

    Live Chat


    Experience Analytics

    Experience Community

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Arleigh Taylor


    Phone: +1 650 330 8575

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