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IBM Maximo® Spatial Powered by ArcGIS® Server

Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc
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IBM Maximo Spatial tightly integrates ArcGIS® Server from Esri, an advanced, GIS server software for geodata management, visualization (mapping), and location analytics. The ArcGIS Server Javascript API within Maximo Spatial supports a highly performant, easy-to-use, map-enabled, Maximo user-interface experience.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    IBM Maximo® Spatial Asset Management is the first solution to unify the functionality of industry-leading Esri ArcGIS and IBM Maximo asset and service management products in a modern Java™, XML and Web services-based architecture. 

    ArcGIS Server is a platform to create focused geospatially-enabled Web applications and services that can be utilized by browser-based, mobile, and desktop clients as well as Esri's ArcGIS Desktop products.   ArcGIS Server includes a REST- and JavaScript API for mashup-style development. 

    Maximo Spatial utilizes the Javascript API to connect maps to assets and work.  It can also be extended with additional ArcGIS spatial functions, such as geocoding and routing between assets and work locations.   For mobile deployment, the ArcGIS map services for Maximo can be deployed in Esri-supported mobile devices on the the Windows Mobile and Android platforms.

    For additional online mapping services, Maximo Spatial also can draw upon a wide assortment of worldwide, online basemaps at Esri's ArcGIS Online web site, including basemaps from the USGS and Open Streetmap consortium.

    When delivered on the IBM PureFlex System, Maximo Spatial with ArcGIS becomes a highly-performant, easy-to-manage and administrate, power-up-and-go-to-work immediately multi-user system

    Business Case

    Geographic location is a fundamental reference point in the physical world. As asset-intensive organizations evolve into information-management companies for smarter operations, the capability to represent location has become increasingly critical.

    Esri ArcGIS Server creates, organizes, maintains, analyzes and visualizes information related to location. Among these core capabilities, mapping—i.e., the visualization of location-based data—is by far the most recognizable function that GIS systems perform. Other fundamental GIS capabilities that are highly valuable in the asset management context include proximity functions to more quickly determine adjacency, nearness, shortest distance, and shortest path.

    IBM Maximo Spatial, the first Java-based EAM solution built on ArcGIS Server, enables organizations that own, operate and/or manage geographically dispersed assets to accrue significant business benefits by leveraging their location-based information investments. Maximo Spatial enables asset and service management users to view assets in a geospatial context, so they can easily and dynamically visualize the spatial relationships among managed assets and the roads, buildings, pipelines, and other mapped features around them, enabling better, smarter, and faster business decisions.

    The new IBM PureFlex System platform is breakthru technology that goes beyond 'pre-loaded', providing a first-of-a-kind new, deeply integrated Maximo Spatial, Esri, EAM solution in a factory-optimized, cloud-ready platform.

    Business Problem

    ArcGIS Server creates task-focused, server-managed geospatial solutions, applications and services for browser-based solutions like IBM Maximo Spatial, that can be delivered to desktop, tablet, and smartphone client across lines-of-business. Asset data can be fused with maps, mashed up with other data, and viewed in 2-D or 3-D. Geography is part of nearly all business data, and ArcGIS Server.

  • -Technical Details

    With ArcGIS Server, developers can implement the following functions (as well as numerous others) and web services:

    • Display a map with multiple layers such as customers, facilities, streets, hazards, satellite images
    • Navigate, identify, and search for features and attributes
    • Add free, global basemap content from ArcGIS OnLine
    • Build and deploy mobile applications
    • Mashup geospatial web services via Javascript and Flex APIs
    • Find and select features with a Structured Query Language (SQL) expression
    • Dynamically display real-time (GPS) or time series data
    • Perform geocoding and routing of work tasks

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    Provider Information

    Name: Steve Trammel


    Phone: 1-909-793-2853

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