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CGI Sovera Physician Credentialing

CGI Technologies and Solutions, Inc.
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Provided by:CGI Technologies and Solutions, Inc.
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Sovera Physician Credentialing is a full featured product that enhances the Medical Staff Office’s efficiency and boosts productivity while assessing and verifying the qualifications of providers from within the health system.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Sovera Physician Credentialing streamlines the credentialing process and reduces time, space and money spent on manually gathering and storing scores of documentation on each physician. As a standalone Credentialing application or integrated with an existing Credentialing database, Sovera Physician Credentialing provides document imaging and advanced workflow capabilities that can be modified to comply with hospital policies and procedures.

    The solution sends email reminders to physicians to prompt them to complete the application and re-credentialing process before expiration. Application documents are then emailed from Sovera to the physician. The system ingests paper, electronic, and faxed documents, which are indexed using pre-existing demographic information stored in the credentialing database. As documents are received, the “physician application folder” is created. A document work list is automatically updated, signaling missing documentation, and emails are sent to physicians with incomplete applications.

    All documentation can be viewed from within Sovera. The solutions electronic workflow routes applications according to workflow rules, and enables multiple committee members to receive and view applications simultaneously. Designated committee members can then electronically sign off on applications. The solution also offers post decision support, sending an automatic email notification to physicians regarding approval/rejection.

    Business Case

    to establish an enterprise content management platform that can be applied to other departments in the health-care enterprise that require the management of content and business process improvement

    Business Problem

    see competitive advantage and solution functions

  • -Technical Details

    Real time capture and verification of documents (paper, emails, fax, COLD feeds) Full text searching of documents Workflow processes that enable the online collaborative review of credentialing documents by multiple users (committees), tracking incomplete applications and missing documents and sending alerts to the respective physicians notifying them of these statuses Automatic emails to reviewers that an application is ready for their review Online forms Integration with Credentialing Systems and Databases for validation and content sharing Increased access to historical documentation allowing a provider to complete the re-credentialing process more efficiently

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Jane Anne Kaplan


    Phone: 301-602-8288

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