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Financial services optimized Master Data Management platform for legal entity, hierarchy management, and security master data
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    Throughout the financial services industry, leading firms are recognizing the importance and value of data management and power of MDM. MDM improves risk management practices, reducing enterprise risk. MDM streamlines compliance processes and adds confidence to regulatory reporting. In this new age, firms are also looking at MDM to reduce operational costs and with the MDM innovation from Kingland and IBM and IBM’s new expert integrated systems, Kingland’s MDM Cloud is providing next generation capabilities to reduce these costs. Expert integrated systems fundamentally change the experience and economics of IT with built-in expertise, integration by design, and a simplified experience. With the 360 Data MDM Cloud, Kingland leverages its award winning Enterprise Hub platform on top of IBM’s latest, cloud optimized expert integrated systems. Expert integrated systems are essentially building blocks of capability. They represent the collective knowledge of thousands of deployments, established best practices, innovative thinking, IT leadership and distilled expertise. They come in two types: infrastructure systems that deeply integrate IT elements and expertise of system infrastructure and platform systems that include middleware and expertise of the application platform as well as the components of an infrastructure system.

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    Name: Tony Brownlee


    Phone: 641-355-1000

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