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Synchrony guides smarter interactions that deliver optimal customer experiences and organizational outcomes. In the contact center and across all touchpoints, Synchrony leverages insights about each customer in the context of each interaction, and provides intelligent guidance to deliver the “designed” experience.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Synchrony guides smarter interactions across all channels for optimal experiences and organizational outcomes. Synchrony intelligently guides your customer-facing employees, step by step, in even the most complex customer-service and up-selling situations, enabling them to respond quickly and appropriately to each customer. Employees not only have fingertip access to all of the information needed for every interaction, but they are insulated from mundane tasks that do not add value to the customer interaction. Cincom Synchrony ensures consistency and compliance across all touch points as well as a better experience for both the customer and the employee. Intelligent Guidance not only provides written guidance about what to say to a customer, it also overlays the supporting applications so the employee doesn't have to weave in and out of multiple systems to get to the appropriate information. This way, a great deal of the complexity and time-consuming activities that lead to poor customer experiences are removed from the interaction. Intelligent Guidance also equips the employee with personalized recommendations, offers and answers in real time, so that the customer truly appreciates and values the interaction.

    Business Case

    Today’s customers are more sophisticated and demanding than ever, yet they still crave the intimacy of personal customer care. The secret to winning and keeping customers is to significantly exceed their already-elevated expectations at every touch point.

    Synchrony helps contact centers deliver outstanding customer service and sales experiences by:

    • Guiding agents, step-by-step, in even the most complex customer-service situations, ensuring the desired agent behavior
    • Proactively managing and synchronizing interactions and transactions across all channels
    • Simultaneously equipping agents with just the right knowledge and resources for fast, accurate and personalized responses

    By delivering a contact—a phone call, e-mail, chat or fax—along with all of the pertinent information needed to communicate in a single, contextual desktop, agents can immediately interact with your customers at a more meaningful and personal level.

    The result? Greater customer loyalty, operational efficiency and ultimately, profitability.

    Business Problem

    Cincom Synchrony addresses issues such as:

    • Inability to resolve customer issues quickly, resulting in higher costs and disgruntled customers
    • Inconsistent and/or poorly executed customer experiences
    • Inability to integrate all interaction channels or critical back-end systems into a single, contextual desktop
    • Long and expensive agent training
    • Inability to track activity and customer history

  • -Technical Details

    Synchrony has a thin-client architecture and supports IBM WebSphere® Application Server Platform. The system includes:

    • Agent Guidance and Process Management — Guides sales and support representatives to provide the designed streamlined experience
    • Contextual Agent Desktop— Dynamically presents all relevant customer information and resources, based on who is contacting the organization and why
    • OpenCIM — Within a single desktop, view and handle voice, email, chat, and fax interactions from existing interaction management systems
    • Analytics and Reporting — Provides clear insight into interaction activity and KPIs

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Randy Saunders


    Phone: 1-800-2CINCOM or 1-513-612-2060

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