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Gridstream Meter Data Management System (MDMS)

Ecologic Analytics, LLC
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Provided by:Ecologic Analytics, LLC
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Landis+Gyr the leading global provider of integrated, end-to-end energy management products tailored to energy company needs. Landis+Gyr and IBM® team to deliver a comprehensive meter data management enabled on IBM® PureSystems™ with built-in application expertise to help utilities benefit from the wealth of data.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Landis+Gyr the leading global provider of integrated, end-to-end energy management products tailored to energy company needs. The Gridstream Meter Data Management System is one of many Gridstream solutions within the Landis+Gyr portfolio. As an enterprise solution, the Gridstream MDMS consolidates multiple data streams, giving stakeholders across the utility enterprise access to a wealth of smart grid data.

    Landis+Gyr and IBM® have team to help utilities more quickly realize the benefits from their smart grid data. Deploying the Gridstream MDMS with expert integrated systems means the hard work has been done. Using systems with integrated expertise can help the utility achieve greater agility, increased efficiency, improved simplicity and enhanced control.

    Every day the Gridstream MDMS analyzes, validates and stores hundreds of millions of register and interval meter reads and associated data. It streamlines workflow, sending alarms to connected systems when user action is required and synchronizes data among the MDMS, AMI databases and master systems, creating a single, powerful information source, transforming the data consumed into accurate, timely and actionable information for decision making across revenue, distribution and customer operations as well as other lines of business within the utility. Now, the solution and integration are all rolled into one complete system ready to be deployed and begin delivering real business value.

    Business Case

    Meter data management systems allow utilities to leverage information about interactions at the point of connection between a customer and the utility, throughout the enterprise. Nearly all departments benefit from access to this data. Notable examples include:

    • Operations requiring field visits (i.e. meter reads for billing or move-in/move-out events, investigation of suspected theft, tampering or service interruption, and others) are significantly reduced by using historical meter reads, real-time reads and/or power status checks, analysis of alerts and alarms, and active monitoring of outage events reported through the AMI / AMR network to identify and validate potential issues.
    • Utility relationships with regulators, third party providers, and all classes of customer (residential, commercial and industrial) are strengthened by providing more accurate and timely communication regarding energy usage and related information collected at the meter. Complying with regulatory rules is simplified by using readily available historical and real-time meter information.

    Now, deployed as an integrated with solution with IBM® enables utilities to realize the benefits of the Gridstream MDMS quickly. Utilities no longer need to focus as much energy on deployment and maintenance. With expert integrated systems it is all about realizing business value and the innovation possible from smart grid and smart meter data.

    Business Problem

    Utilities look to improve operational efficiency; improve customer relationships and comply with regulatory requirements. AMI technology provides the raw data necessary to efficiently meet these goals. However, utilities have spent time deploying solutions with few benefits realized. The Gridstream MDMS on expert integrated systems changes deployment from months to days and enables utilities to realize the benefits more quickly.

  • -Technical Details

    The Gridstream MDMS serves as an operational hub that unifies seven critical aspects to nearly every utility:

    • Meter Data Acquisition, Analysis & Management

    • Validation, Estimation, Editing

    • Back Office Data Synchronization

    • Advanced Billing Data

    • Policy-based Exception Management and Workflow

    • Real time Command and Control

    • Outage and Restoration Optimization

    • Customer Engagement

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Matt Schwarz


    Phone: 952-977-7543

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