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StarQuest Ventures, Inc
IBM PureFlex System
Provided by:StarQuest Ventures, Inc
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Adds incremental replication support to SQDR (StarQuest Data Replicator) when replicating from IBM DB2 for i, IBM DB2 Universal Database® (UDB) for Linux, UNIX & Windows, and Microsoft SQL Server. Now enabled on IBM PureSystems for rapid deployment and integrated expertise.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    StarQuest Data Replicator efficiently replicates data between IBM DB2®, Oracle, Informix, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases, providing necessary data integration for Internet and intranet publishing and electronic commerce, data warehousing and data mining. SQDR directly enables these solutions through robust and efficient bi-directional snapshot replication of data.

    With the addition of SQDR Plus for DB2 UDB, SQDR supports incremental replication from IBM DB2 for i, IBM DB2®  Linux, UNIX & Windows. and Microsoft SQL Server.

    Business Case

    Business Problem

    In a heterogeneous environment, applications generally require sending data from the host to distributed systems and consolidation of data from distributed systems to the host. To satisfy these diverse needs, SQDR allows you to move data between IBM DB2®, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases.

  • -Technical Details

    Bi-directional replication

    • Flexible scheduling
    • Enterprise-level security
    • Easy-to-use GUI and wizards
    • High performance
    • Comprehensive management function including statistics

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Paul Rampel


    Phone: 415-669-9619

PureSystems patterns are part of a broad portfolio of PureSystems solutions for business, cloud, and infrastructure applications.

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