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GMC Inspire is an end-to-end software solution for Customer Communications Management (CCM) designed to help businesses increase customer engagement. Customer Communication Processes are optimized allowing a typical ROI of 9 months.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    GMC Inspire enables enterprises to streamline and transform marketing and operational communications across multiple channels.

    Visual Design: GMC Inspire includes a leading dynamic design tool and comprehensive content management capabilities. Businesses can create personalized, high volume, structured communications as well as interactive and on-demand communications.

    Business users, not onl developers, can design templates and documents.

    Process management and automation: The solution controls and automates the end-to-end communication process enabling 24/7 customer communications management. The solution can be configured to control and automate any communication process according to business needs.

    Compliance: Global Corporate image(s) and design rules can be managed centrally as well as sign-off and approval processes for document templates and documents.

    Multichannel production: Communications can be optimized for tablets, mobile, web, SMS, email, print, social media and other channels. As the solution is built on a single platform, communications only have to be created once and will then be automatically formatted for appropriate channels.

    Response management: The solution enables businesses to capture, track and manage customer responses across all channels. Enterprise feedback management automatically updates business systems and can trigger follow-on communications.

    Business Case

    Optimize Customer Communication Processes

    • Reduce the time spent on Document Template Design and Management
    • Reduce Risk from Human and IT errors
    • Re-use Document components: paragraphs, images and logic 

    Increasing speed and agility – businesses today need to act fast and be ready for changing market conditions. GMC Inspire enables businesses to simplify the end-to-end process of customer communications management so that when the market takes a different turn, your business can react quickly and efficiently.

    Engaging customers through multiple channels – With the digital revolution, businesses need to be ready to engage with their customers through multiple channels. GMC Inspire is a single platform that enables business to communicate effectively through mobile, email, print, SMS, and other digital and traditional channels.

    Increasing operational efficiency and reducing cost – Increasing efficiency and taking cost out of the business are still top priorities. GMC Inspire helps businesses increase efficiency by over 50% through streamlining processes and automating critical processes.

    Building loyalty for increased customer retention – After unstable economic conditions, businesses need to instill confidence back into clients. GMC Inspire allows businesses to communicate-in-context – providing clients with the most relevant information, at the right time, through the preferred channel – transforming the customer experience and increasing customer loyalty.

    Business Problem

    Today customers are more difficult to engage and so businesses are seeing lower retention rates and higher acquisition costs. Furthermore, businesses must remain compliant with increasing legislation and regulations and all with tight budget constraints. GMC Inspire removes the complexities of managing customer communications and helps businesses remain agile, efficient, compliant and effective in engaging customers at every touchpoint.

  • -Technical Details

    GMC Inspire is a complete integrated communication platform, but can be implemented as individual modules when appropriate.  

    • Designer
    • Interactive; WebSphere, .Net
    • Production; PDF, AFPDS, PCL, Image, HTML5 etc.
    • Automation
    • Integration; SOA, SOAP, MQ, JMS etc.
    • Conversion
    • Consolidation 
    • Tracker

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Henrik Nørby


    Phone: +4527643174

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