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Convertigo Enterprise Mashup Server (C-EMS)

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Provided by:CONVERTIGO
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Convertigo Enterprise Mashup Server (C-EMS) is the complete solution to enable corporate developers to build ‘Mashup applications’ presented to their business users from existing enterprise applications sources, even when these sources are not SOA or WEB2.0 enabled.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    A 'mashup' is a website, or more usually a web-based application, comprised of two or more components from different sources, but presented to the user as a single, seamless 'experience' or application. Corporate developers may well combine Web service elements from a range of vendor solutions with bespoke, in-house line-of-business applications to present business users with their very own "Enterprise Mashups”.
    C-EMS is composed of several modules that can be used according to the needs of the enterprise.
    C-EMS Legacy Publisher To automatically Webise Mainframe and iSeries applications providing WEB 2.0 (AJAX) applications to Intranet and Extranet Users or portlets to be displayed in any portal.
    C-EMS Legacy Integrator To expose any Mainframe, AS/400, iSeries, UNIX or BULL application as SOA Web Services integrated in new SOA architectures.
    C-EMS Mashup Composer To build WEB 2.0 Mashups by assembling visual components (Widgets) created by Convertigo Web Clipper or Convertigo Legacy Publisher
    C-EMS Web Clipper To Clip existing WEB 1.0 or WEB 2.0 (AJAX) applications as portlets in order to be displayed in any portal.
    C-EMS Web Integrator To Expose any WEB 1.0 or 2.0 (AJAX) applications as SOAP Web services to be integrated in SOA architectures.
    Convertigo Eclipse Studio: Eclipse based development studio to build Applications for C-EMS.

    Business Case


    • Reuse the assets, available in the enterprise to build new business oriented applications
    • Build new applications in days and not months
    • Integrate valuable existing Business logic in SOA architecture without changing one line of code of the existing Legacy or WEB Applications
    • Combine internal business applications with external partners, suppliers or public applications for internal or external users
    • Collect external data on public or corporate web sites for business intelligence (Price lists, weather info, stock exchange, …)

    Business Problem

  • -Technical Details

    C-EMS is used in different vertical business processes such as in Health Care :

    • Enabling a 360° View of a patient by mashing information providing from different systems.
    • Being able to help cash recovery in hospitals by mashing Social Security information issued by different goverment or private institutions, to setup clean patient records in order to have the hospital correctly refunded.
    • Helping Hospital to Patient relationships, by publishing in extranets private selected and secure information to the patient.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Michel MENAGER


    Phone: + 33 1 69 18 79 00

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