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edgeConnect is an Open Presentation Platform, built on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), enabling companies to develop 'right first time' business applications using a ‘write once publish multiple times’ model. edgeConnect can provide accelerated ROI with far more flexibility for change than traditionally possible.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    edgeConnect is an open presentation platform, built on SOA, enabling companies to develop business applications using a ‘write once publish multiple times’ model. edgeConnect comprises of a development tool and a runtime environment server. edgeConnect is targeted at business people with the domain knowledge, whether business users with technical capability or business analysts, but not necessarily programmers. The tool is built on a XML language that is hidden from the user. It has a full Graphical User Interface development environment that allows users to easily and rapidly build the presentation layer of complex screen/form-based applications. The tool is compatible with the current generation of browsers, making use of dynamic HTML and JavaScripts where appropriate, or pure thin clients. By separating the logical process (model) from the presentation (view), it is possible to make changes in the process just once and have the effects ripple through multiple presentations. The product is targeted at higher business-value projects, and has a strong track record in the financial services sector.

    edgeConnect enables organisations to:

    • Launch new products faster and cheaper
    • Get solutions right first time
    • Maximise ROI by repurposing existing systems
    • Minimise efforts to deliver a multi-channel strategy
    • Ensure compliance and best practice are applied across all channels
    • Provide an enhanced Customer Experience

    Business Case

    edgeConnect can be used for the development of any browser or desktop application.

    For integrators it enhances sales margin by increasing developer productivity. edgeIPK's European/USA SI partners are seeing that edgeConnect can help them compete against significant competition from offshore players.

    For customers they can not only reduce costs, but improve time to market and agility of their solutions. edgeConnect is delivered through a lifecycle called EVA (Early Visualisation Approach) which closely aligns business and IT all the way through a development project ensuring solutions are right first time and that changes late in the lifecycle are mitigated as early as possible. This innovative approach has had dramatic improvements in edgeIPK's client base.

    edgeConnect is also a complimentary technology to BPM and Middleware vendors as it provides superior strength in the management of presentation layer. Whilst many of these players may have primitive offerings within the presentation layer (normally these are basic forms tools) edgeConnect dynamic, rich front ends highlight the value of underlying BPM and middleware technologies to business and IT people.

    The kind of solutions edgeConnect can be used for include:

    • Migration of desktop to browser based solutions
    • Multi-channel solutions
    • Whitelabelling
    • Enhanced customer service, self service solutions
    • Extended enterprise supply chain solutions
    • Legacy repurposing / rejuvenation
    • Front tier to SOA Architecture

    Business Problem

  • -Technical Details

    edgeConnect is a run-time and development environment for the development and execution of browser based applications that may be On-line (rich, thin or WAI compliant), Off-line, Portal and Composite.

    edgeConnect focuses on “Presentation Layer” allowing business analysts to create browser based applications without the need for knowing script languages like Active Server Pages or Java Server Pages.

    edgeConnects enables users to create applications that may have many presentations to support multiple brands, channels, users, languages or user experiences (on/offline, portal, composite).

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Amanda Powell


    Phone: 01635 231231

PureSystems patterns are part of a broad portfolio of PureSystems solutions for business, cloud, and infrastructure applications.

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