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VALOGIX Inventory Planner

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Valogix solutions improve cash flow by automatically forecasting demand and creating an optimized inventory. Enabled on PureSystems for rapid deployment and integrated expertise
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    VALOGIX® Inventory Planner is built for companies that need a powerful, advanced planning solution to solve their complex inventory requirements. Designed to improve inventory planning and employee productivity, the VALOGIX Inventory Planner advanced technology automates the entire planning process, giving employees time to concentrate on activities that help improve the business like satisfying customers and generating more positive cash flow. Valogix Inventory Planner is Enabled on PureSystems for rapid deployment.

    Business Case

    If your customers carry inventory, then they need Valogix inventory planning solutions. Feature-rich and easy to use, Valogix solutions offer enterprise-level planning functionality at a fraction of the price. The solutions offer a fast return on investment and because of the immediate identification of key cost savings, the solution often pays for the entire purchase of the ERP and Valogix solution. When your customers see how they can begin saving money on the day the product is installed, Valogix will sell itself.

    Business Problem

    Using error-prone, static Excel spreadsheets is time consuming and complex. The proprietary algorithms used in Valogix’s planning solutions automatically calculate the optimal shelf stock needed for any planning period and identify items which are no longer necessary to stock. Reducing dead/excess inventory and properly stocking items helps businesses to focus on managing capital instead of spending time managing inventory.

  • -Technical Details


    • Automatic data synchronization with business management system. • Business Intelligence information for strategic or long range planning. • Export data to Excel for custom analysis and reporting. • Monthly performance tracking shows progress against goals. • Dashboards provide key data and are directly linked to the details. • Automatically forecast, plan and optimize inventory in multiple locations. New DMRP technology advances the stat-of-the-art for planning Bills of Material and finished goods.

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    Provider Information

    Name: Sarah Glacken


    Phone: 518-450-0309

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