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Midrange Performance Group (MPG)
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Version: V8.0k
Power Navigator automates the collection of historical nmon data for AIX and Linux operating systems. Then a Windows client provides a graphical interface to this data for management reporting, problem determination and capacity planning.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Power Navigator automates performance management and capacity planning. In today's ever-shorter system life cycles, coupled the explosion of on-demand solutions, LPARs and CoD, it is critical to be able to plan upgrades and their budgets in timely manner. Power Navigator accesses performance data generated by IBM AIX® and/or Linux™ analysis it and update a history file The product displays graphs of key system metrics such as CPU, memory and DASD utilization.

    Years worth of data can be analyzed and drilled up or down in period views of days, or time of day. Dynamic linear regression is used to generate trend lines on charts. Users can input a higher or lower utilization value to ask "what if" questions, such as, " based on the current trend, when will my CPU utilization reach 70%?"

    Additional features provide for the elimination of certain data elements from regression analysis trend lines, e.g.- eliminating a day, which had an unusual workload due to a system outage. Power Navigator evaluation version is available for immediate download from MPG's Web site at Power Navigator is supported on either Windows 95/98/NT/2000/7/8/10.

    Business Case

    IBM business partners and customer can use Power Navigator to manage the performance of IBM AIX® and Linux™ system and perform capacity planning including server consolidation.

    Business Problem

    How do users manage an on-demand world, LPARs and CUoD. Quickly size pSeries upgrades, LPAR onfigurations and/or server consolidations?

  • -Technical Details

    IBM AIX and Linux performance management and capacity planning

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Randy Watson


    Phone: 800-457-6744

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