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BOX for SWIFTNet / BOX Messaging Hub (BOX) provides a complete SWIFT messaging solution and supports complementary networks and protocols such as SIA. BOX addresses the requirements of large financial institutions for high performance, high throughput, high availability and significant cost savings. .
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    INTERCOPE BOX Messaging Hub (BOX) is a complete financial messaging solution which facilitates the exchange of information between back office applications and SWIFTNet as well as complementary networks and protocols such as SIA. BOX provides all the necessary (and often sophisticated) application functionality required for financial message handling including:

    • Complete SWIFT FIN message validation, including cross field validation
    • Flexible and powerful performance-optimized message routing
    • Integration with back-office applications via IBM MQ,  Web Services, File Gateway,  Database Gateway, and Financial Message Transfer (FMT)
    • MERVA SDI and SDO, and emulation of the MERVA API
    • Customisable GUI for FIN and MX message processing.

    BOX includes a SWIFT certified CBT and connects directly to SWIFTNet via a SWIFT Alliance Gateway (SAG) for FIN, InterAct and FileAct. In addition networks such as SIA  are supported as an alternative to SWIFT FileAct in particular for high volume SEPA message transfer.

    BOX has been explicitly designed to address all functionality provided by IBM’s MERVA (Message Entry and Routing with Interfaces to Various Applications). It allows MERVA customers to migrate to a single integrated product based on the latest technology standards while keeping and extending the rich application functionality previously provided by MERVA.


    Business Case

    Business Problem

  • -Technical Details

    • SWIFT InterAct
    • SWIFT FileAct
    • SIA
    • EBICS
    • MT and MX Messages
    • Conversion from MX to MT message formats and vice versa
    • Financial Message Transfer (FMT)
    • RMA
    • Message audit log
    • Sophisticated User Profile Management
    • Powerful routing capabilities
    • Automatic and manual printing
    • Message entry and repair
    • Message inquiry under various filter criteria
    • Application integration via MQ, emulation of MERVA SDI/SDO, and Web Services
    • SNMP based system control
    • Web Client
    • High availability architecture
    • Outstanding performance

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Mr. Reinhart Laumer


    Phone: +49 40 51 452 0

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