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INTERCOPE’s BOX solution provides a ‘Single Window’ for financial messaging. BOX supports multiple financial networks including EBICS via PPI, SIAnet and SWIFTNet. BOX addresses the requirements of large financial institutions for high performance, high throughput, and high availability including Instant Payments.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    BOX is used by many large financial institutions including central banks, market infrastructures and service providers throughout Europe, North America, and Australia – handling very large transaction and data volumes through hundreds of BICs.

    BOX is fully integrated with our customer’s choice of infrastructure. The solution is based on a robust, generic, and format independent messaging engine.

    BOX includes a flexible workflow engine for message orchestration, routing, transformation, monitoring, and interoperability with market infrastructures through multiple financial networks from a single BOX solution.

    BOX provides comprehensive functionality for back office integration, manual message processing, a message warehouse for all message and transaction types with archiving built in.

    BOX supports multiple financial networks including EBICS via PPI,SIAnet and SWIFTNet, with further network interfaces and connectivity implemented based on customer community requirements. As a Frontrunner Service Provider, INTERCOPE supports the first pan-European instant payment service provided by EBA CLEARING.

    Very high levels of scalability and throughput for customer specific scenarios have been benchmarked with IBM. The system is typically deployed and supported in a high availability infrastructure for mission critical processing.

    Business Case

    Business Problem

  • -Technical Details

    • EBICS
    • SIANet
    • SWIFT InterAct
    • SWIFT FileAct
    • MT and MX Messages
    • Instant Payments
    • Conversion from MX to MT message formats and vice versa
    • Financial Message Transfer (FMT)
    • Message audit log
    • Sophisticated User Profile Management
    • Powerful routing capabilities
    • Automatic and manual printing
    • Message entry and repair
    • Message inquiry under various filter criteria
    • Application integration via MQ, emulation of MERVA SDI/SDO, and Web Services
    • SNMP based system control
    • Web Client

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Mr. Reinhart Laumer


    Phone: +49 40 51 452 0

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