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PilotFish XCS eiPlatform is a middleware runtime solution that enables the integration of any system or service with any other regardless of platform, operating system, data format or communication protocol. Now enabled on IBM PureSystems for integrated expertise and rapid deployment.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    The XCS eiPlatform from PilotFish Technology leverages application server technology, web services and industry XML standards to enable the deployment of internal and external system interfaces. All of the components that comprise the XCS eiPlatform framework and deployed interfaces are written in Java. The XCS eiPlatform is compatible with all of the popular application servers, operating systems and platforms so it is certain to work within your IT infrastructure. All of the components are easily configured and extended through open APIs. Configurable components that comprise a complete end-to-end interface include: Listeners, Transformers, a Router and Transports. Any interface deployed to the XCS eiPlatform can have as many source systems and target systems as required. An unlimited number of interfaces can be deployed to a single instance of the XCS eiPlatform.

    Specific benefits to be realized by implementing the XCS eiPlatform include:

    • Dramatically lowering the total number of interfaces required between internal and external business applications.
    • Rationalizing the myriad of data formats, communication protocols, programming languages and encryption methods.
    • Facilitating the management and propagation of information to support mission-critical applications.
    • Enabling the implementation of industry XML standards immediately.

    Business Case

    Business Problem

    Leading research firms agree that about 50% of a typical company's entire IT budget is spent on building, deploying, managing and maintaining interfaces. Companies that have implemented the XCS eiPlatform have experienced as much as a 95% reduction in interface management expense.

  • -Technical Details

    The XCS eiPlatform is a high performance, secure, middleware runtime solution that supports the integration of any system or service with any other system or service regardless of platform, operating system, data format or communication protocol. Interfaces and orchestrations running on the XCS eiPlatform are composed of configurable stages to support connectivity to the source system, data validation, data transformation, routing, and delivery to the target: The XCS eiPlatform can be deployed as an Enterprise Service Bus, a Local Service Bus, an integration engine, a transformation service, or to support process orchestrations and interfaces.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Monika Vainius


    Phone: 860-632-9900 Ext. 303

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