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Unlimited Mailbox is an e-mail archiving solution that allows companies to reduce the cost of email storage by automatically moving older email files from online e-mail storage to less expensive media. Unlimited Mailbox provides this support as an extension of the current e-mail application, that is transparent to users.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    The information stored in email represents important intellectual property that demands careful management. As industry regulations define document and communications retention requirements, companies search for flexible alternatives to implement compliance, supervision and audit capabilities. CGS has developed Unlimited Mailbox to address the need for an archiving and storage solution that meets these issues for mid-to-large companies worldwide. Unlimited Mailbox assists companies in meeting government-mandated storage requirements and boost employee productivity by automating the email archiving and retrieval process.

    • Unlimited Mailbox reduces volume on email servers 70% to 90% by automatically archiving email files based on customizable, policy-based controls.
    • Tamper-evident archiving achieves the highest levels of legal admissibility. Last access tracking of messages and attachments. Each message receives its own unique digital ID.
    • Provides comprehensive full-text email searching.
    • Offers further savings through server consolidations.
    • 70 – 90% REDUCTION IN EMAIL SERVER VOLUME – Emails no longer need to be stored on the email production server.

    Using customizable policies, Unlimited Mailbox reduces administrative tasks with less downtime and faster backups. Single-instance (de-duplication) storage capability avoids the expense of storing multiple copies of identical messages and attachments.

    Business Case

    Java/J2EE based, integrates into most Operating Systems. Secure, open architecture, J2EE standards-based design ensures the longevity of email archives. After the Unlimited Mailbox solution is installed, the company will have a secure corporate email system, protecting its valuable Intellectual Property and as well as complying with Government Regulatory Standards regarding Email storage and retention.

    Flexible payment options include a pay as you go subscription option to alleviate budgetary challenges. Double-byte capability allows (for companies that deal with overseas markets). A substantial reduction in mail disk and tape storage required to backup mail servers improves the performance of the backup and recovery of emails as well as increased server, tape and disk infrastructure life.

    Business Problem

    UM is developed for mid-to-large companies. Common issues facing growing companies today are:

    • Back-ups taking too long
    • Total number of mail servers out of hand
    • Controlling the growth of email is difficult
    • Email system failures – crashes
    • Lost e-mail
    • Administration and policy management can be costly
    • Server and storage costs are steadily increasing
    • Regulatory and corporate compliance

  • -Technical Details

    Unlimited Mailbox supports:

    • Microsoft Exchange Email
    • IBM Lotus Notes®
    • Novell Groupwise
    • SunOne Messaging

    Unlimited Mailbox automatically audits any manipulation of archived e-mail files, including last accessed and administration rights, enables full-text indexing. Archiving is virtually transparent to the user. Users can view only their messages, while administrators have access to all messages in the archive. Unlimited Mailbox allows Users experience with archived email to be virtually unchanged from how they use their current email. Unlimited Mailbox creates a tamper-evident audit trail whenever a document is moved, viewed or deleted or when policies change.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Corey Stephen


    Phone: 1-506-674-9720

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