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ImagePlus to IBM CM V8 TurnKey Migration & MO:DCA to TIFF conversion

TrilliCom, LLC
IBM PureFlex System
Provided by:TrilliCom, LLC
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ImagePlus system to Content Manager all platforms. Complete Turn-key solution. Fast reliable ImagePlus data conversion. A conversion/migration process & software designed to be robust, fast & scalable. Error-free, repeatable & highly automated. NO disrupted operations. It includes logging, auditing & reconciliation
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Customers may have both legacy ImagePlus systems & IBM Content Manager systems within the same enterprise. TrilliCom has developed a proven set of methodologies, technology, tools and supplies its services direct to convert / migrate ImagePlus and VisualInfo customers data stored in proprietary MO:DCA & IOCA formats on 3995 optical to IBM's newest Content Manager platforms. The TrilliCom Data Center has multiple IBM 3995 libraries installed and running. This equipment with TrilliCom's Migration Services capture terabytes of legacy data at its FileNet source (directly from the 3995 optical platter) the TrilliCom Engine extracts, processes and reformat the old legacy data into a format acceptable to IBM's CM products. Migrations / Conversions are done at TrilliCom's Data Center using customer’s backup media. Customer on-site services are available. This is a complete one stop shop. CM installation, Project Management and implementation are all done by TrilliCom. TrilliCom has existing relationships with process workflow teams to resolve the workflow integration issue. Converting MO:DCA to TIFF is a frequently requested issue and relieves the requirement for unique image format viewing tools.

    Business Case

    The TrilliCom Advantage is to simplify. The skills & experience that TrilliCom brings to an engagement is data architecture knowledge. Understanding how legacy systems have been built and the technology that TrilliCom has developed to deliver valuable customer data into a single simplified IBM common format is radical. The investments that our customers have made is more than money, it’s their data. Customers have not only paid for software, paid for high-density storage and continued to pay for escalating maintenance costs, but they have put their business data in those data stores.

    There are not too many items as valuable as a company’s information. Client information, financial information, production information, correspondence; whatever it is, it shouldn’t be held for ransom. This is where TrilliCom offers its clients freedom. Clients can choose new IBM technologies. They can make these choices without fear of no support from old vendors or conscience lack of attention.

    Old vendors are quoted “They aren’t going to buy anything else from us… we won’t return their calls…” Clients can get to the most current IBM versions quickly, without doing upgrade after upgrade using production resources to get where they need to be. Old vendors would prefer TrilliCom not be the premier conversion company that it is. The conversion and migration of these old legacy systems directly cuts into a viable software maintenance revenue stream. Strictly profit. TrilliCom as a company frees its clients from the chains (and growing cost) of expensive low function legacy systems. TrilliCom offers cost-saving freedom.

    Business Problem

    ImagePlus has been a reliable high capacity solution since the late 80s. ImagePlus customers feel trapped. How and where will they migrate their multi-terabytes of data & what application will they use to retrieve it. IBM has touted the short term solution is integration & connectors to everything. The challenge has been the cost-benefit ratio & poor performance. The TrilliCom Advantage is to simplify into CM. Single repository, less SW cost.

  • -Technical Details

    The TrilliCom-developed Engine is a comprehensive conversion/migration process and software that have been designed to be robust, fast, scalable, and extensible. The TrilliCom process and software is error-free, repeatable and highly automated. TrilliCom does not disrupt customer operations, does not demand extensive customer involvement and includes complete logging, auditing and reconciliation capabilities. TrilliCom has solved the conversion problem for many customers in finance, insurance, and the public sector as well as computer vendors and other business partners, just to name a few. We have many business partners who have chosen TrilliCom as their “GO TO Partner” for conversion needs.

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    Provider Information

    Name: donna walker


    Phone: 805.577.1062

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