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Provided by:Revsoft Pty Ltd.
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Version:ENTERPRISE 10.2
Enterprise Scheduling with the same model on every platform. Does not require a central database or central server as each 'Engine' runs native on each machine. Users have total control of location of databases.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Define and manage local AS/400 network AS/400's and other platforms running REV SCHEDULER from the

    • Traditional 5250, or the
    • Speedy Windows Interface.

    Full Audit tracking (for SOX compliance) of EVERY change to a scheduled Job Event.

    Any Batch or Interactive Job that executes on an AS/400 can be executed by REV SCHEDULER for AS/400.

    Operations Panels are color coded for quick recognition of the status of Job Events and their current execution status.

    Within REV SCHEDULER for AS/400 you can register Job Events to be shadowed to another AS/400 for the purposes of High Availability. The High Availability functions do not rely on third party High Availability software and operates totally independently of those systems.

    Within REV SCHEDULER for AS/400 you use the Screen Capture and Run facility to Capture ANY Interactive session (the entire session from Sign on through to Sign-off) and Run this as a scheduled Job Event.

    Within REV SCHEDULER for AS/400 you can define Environments e.g. *BASE, *DEVELOP, *Q&A etc. Each Job Event must be registered to an Environment. Only Job Events for Environments that are started are executed by the Scheduler monitor. Within REV SCHEDULER you can -

    • Create,
    • Test,
    • Promote,
    Job Events through Environments just as you do application programs.

    Business Case

    Precision and ease of use are the 2 major benefits of REV SCHEDULER for AS/400 as well as centralized management and control of multiple platform scheduling form your Windows desktop. Have total control of Job Events using the Security facility to control who can perform updates and then use the Audit facility to review all updates, additions and deletions that have occurred within your Schedules. Run multiple Companies or Divisions within the same Schedule but they are all set up in separate partitions that can be fully secured.

    Business Problem

    Business with no Scheduling or seeking simple to ease yet extremely powerful Scheduling are REV SCHEDULER prospects.

    Scheduling Jobs can be as simple as setting on the User Job Monitor to view ANY batch job submission on your AS/400 and at a later time review the submitted jobs and select the Jobs to be converted to Scheduled Job Events, all with no programming intervention. Total Auditing control for SOX compliance.

  • -Technical Details

    REV SCHEDULER for AS/400 allows you to schedule Job Events to be executed across your AS/400 network and across any other platforms in your Company. The managing of you scheduling can be performed from the Traditional 5250 or the Windows Client Server interface. View Operations Consoles that change colors and play sounds to alert you to the changing status of Scheduled Jobs anywhere in your company. View all audited changes to Job Events and have the ability to Undo Updates and Undelete Job Event components or complete Job Events. Implement Environments or partitions for Change Management within your Scheduler or to isolate Companies or Divisions in the same Schedule.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: John Massey


    Phone: Int+61-7-5594-3300

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