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Storix System Backup Administrator for PowerLinux

Storix, Inc.
Provided by:Storix, Inc.
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Centralized system backup and bare-metal recovery of PowerLinux. The most complete and flexible full system recovery available. Provides system migration to different series hardware (i.e. p5 to p7), physical to LPAR, supporting all filesystems, LVM, software RAID, etc.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Storix System Backup Administrator (SBA) is the most advanced system backup and recovery product available for AIX and Linux, supporting all IBM System p™, System i™ and System x™ hardware. SBA is available in different configurations, providing options for stand-alone systems and centrally administered network backups.

    SBA was designed not only to backup user data, but to also provide the ability to reinstall a complete system from scratch while providing the flexibility needed to restore the backup onto a different hardware environment.

    SBA is intended to provide common backup and restore features that most other products provide, while providing advanced and system-specific features that others don't. This makes it possible to use a single backup product for daily incremental backups, raw partition backups, and full-system backups along with the necessary boot media. And all this is provided in a single intuitive interface that's so simple to use that most users are running their first backup within minutes.

    Unlike several "disk image" backup tools, SBA understands your operating system configuration. When reinstalling from a backup, the configuration may be tailored to work with your new hardware configuration. In addition, you can completely re-customize your system during the system installation process by changing filesystem types, adding software RAID devices, converting to LVM partitions, and much more.

    Business Case

    • Significant cost benefit by using shared tape drives and disk pools for backups over the network
    • Share SAN-attached disks as both backup and system recovery devices
    • Unattended multi-volume backups utilizing multiple-devices, sequential autoloaders and random tape libraries requires no user-intervention
    • Snapshot backups alleviate the need for downtime during backups
    • Single backup product for managing backups of both AIX® and Linux systems
    • Backups to disk files can be migrated to local or remote tape, reducing the backup window
    • Extremely lost-cost solution
    • Backed by 15 years experience

    Business Problem

    Few backup products give you an installable system backup, and even they know nothing about recovering AIX® or Linux filesystems, logical volumes, volume groups and paging or swap space. Until now, no single product could provide central backup management of a network of both AIX and Linux on IBM pSeries (RS/6000's) and Intel-based systems that included both daily data and full system backups. Now Storix provides a product does it all!

  • -Technical Details

    • Daily backup management
    • Complete system recovery
    • Stand-alone system and centralized network backup administration
    • Migration of backups to new hardware configuration
    • Reorganize the storage configuration for better performance and availability
    • Supports all major filesystem types and attributes
    • Full support for LVM and software RAID on Linux
    • Support for SAN, portable disks, tape libraries and autoloaders
    • Create CDROM, network, tape and disk boot media for system recovery

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Storix, Inc.


    Phone: 877-STORIX1 or 619-543-0200

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