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TradeStone Merchandise Lifecycle Management Suite

TradeStone Software, Inc.
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Provided by:TradeStone Software, Inc.
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TradeStone helps retailers, brand manufacturers, and their suppliers turn inspiration into great merchandise. TradeStone provides the technology platform to connect people as they design, source, and deliver merchandise. We call this Merchandise Lifecycle Management. TradeStone MLM is now enabled on PureSystems.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    TradeStone offers...

    For retailers who want to expand their private label and global sourcing initiatives, TradeStone’s Merchandise Lifecycle Management solutions support the design, coordination and delivery of highly profitable and innovative merchandise to the sales floor. Unlike software solutions that offer siloed stand-alone capabilities, TradeStone is the only company that unifies the PLM for retail, collaborative sourcing, order management, global trade management and supplier community management pieces to reduce cycle times and deliver merchandise that sells through at full price.

    Business Case

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  • -Technical Details

    PLM - Enables private label and branded merchandise development from inspiration through design to specification and testing. Collaborative Sourcing - Simplifies and manages the complexities of sourcing from RFQ to supplier selection and negotiation. Order Management - Supports domestic and international ordering, shortens the order placement and collaborative confirmation processes. Global Trade Management - Integrates packing lists, invoices and trace and track data, to provide a holistic view of production and delivery processes. Supplier Community Management - Increases visibility and collaboration with trading partners for improved performance and relationship quality.

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    Provider Information

    Name: Tania Stockbridge


    Phone: 978-281-3723

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