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Gillani iDistribute V8.2

Gillani, Inc.
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Provided by:Gillani, Inc.
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An Integrated ERP/Distribution Management Solution for order and distribution processes that help you win and keep customers. iDistribute Solution connects suppliers, distributors, customers and internal operations to optimize process across functional boundaries. Now enabled on PureSystems for rapid deployment.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    The Gillani iDistribute V8.2 solution is a flexible and robust enterprise-wide suite of applications that manages multiple companies/divisions/warehouses. The Distribution Management capabilities address the mission critical needs of the enterprise.

    The iDistribute System includes Order Management, Inventory Management, Advanced Planning and Replenishment and Purchasing. All modules are fully integrated with the Gillani Financials including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets modules and Financial Report Writer.

    The iDistribute solution offers a highly advanced inventory planning and replenishment system that enables distributors to have the right products in the right place at the right time. The system tracks inventory, forecasts demand usage patterns and sets inventory levels based on statistical techniques, automatically creating recommendations for purchase orders, resulting in high inventory turns, increased customer satisfaction and improved profitability.

    iDistribute is easily customized to suit the changing requirements of distribution business dynamics. The iDistribute solution offers a unique competitive advantage in that a highly proven solution which has been successfully implemented in large enterprises as well as in the small and medium size companies at a very attractive price-performance ratio.

    Business Case

    iDistribute helps distributors with many business opportunities by streamlining diverse tasks, simplifying business operations and automating business processes from order capture to inventory replenishment cost-effectively. With an integrated distribution process, distributors can better manage information and materials while controlling costs and performance. For companies that own or have a stake in other companies, iDistribute allows them to easily and seamlessly integrate and streamline its business operations across with a single view of the company and maintain viability and transparency.

    iDistribute offers a quick path for companies using legacy or home-grown systems with limited functionality to easily migrate their data and seamlessly integrating it into the new system. Companies can reduce errors in their inventory with bar codes and scanners to maintain real-time inventory data, and use critical forecasting to help plan for future inventory needs. iDistribute enables distributors to optimize layout, picking methods, and movement processes in warehouse, and ensure on-time order fulfillment through Order Management process.

    You can reduce manual processes and streamline warehouse operations for faster, more accurate fulfillment that avoids costly noncompliance penalties. Plus, the system can be customized to integrate labeling and shipping into pick/pack and invoicing processes, even with multiple warehouses. iDistribute allows you to gain visibility into your most profitable products, customers, and opportunities.

    Business Problem

    Gillani iDistribute helps:

    • Improve service to your customers by shortening your cycle time
    • Lower inventory carrying costs and fill orders faster by efficiently managing inventory on a corporate-wide basis
    • Automate your best customer and supplier relationships and reduce supply chain costs with EDI/XML and Internet electronic commerce
    • Increase order fill rates, increase sales, reduce back orders and retain customers

  • -Technical Details

    iDistribute provides advanced order management capabilities, integrated with inventory management and replenishment systems, and financial management systems.

    iDistribute modules are built from a distribution organization's perspective, where all the modules are modifiable to your successful best practices and functions, including:

    • Order capture, validation and execution
    • Product sourcing and inventory management
    • Advanced planning, inventory, replenishment and purchasing
    • Order fulfillment and settlement
    • Integrated financials, analysis multi-currency, multi-lingual and security.
    • Support for third-party electronic commerce, reporting and tax compliance.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Syed Kamal


    Phone: 877-424-8500

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