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MEGACOR is Vermeg's fully ISO 15022 compliant corporate actions processing system which automates a wide range of events from the initial corporate action data input to its final execution.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    megacor® is a Java EE based corporate actions processing system, automating a wide range of events from the initial corporate action data input to its final execution. The management rules for each event type are user definable and allow setup of the different impacts of the event, its outputs and exceptions management per client, event type, market, etc.

    megacor® is delivered as an integrated part of megara®. It can also be integrated with other settlement products and legacy systems. This flexibility has allowed Vermeg to install megacor® across different lines of business:

    • Global and regional custodians
    • Broker/dealer
    • Outsourcing providers
    • Investment managers
    • Central Banks

    Business Case

    Whether you are:

    • A Global or Local Custodian
    • A Broker Dealer
    • A Fund Manager
    You need to reduce the risks associated with missing Corporate Action deadlines or with miscalculating the correct entitlements and the consequent impact on your own securities holdings or those of your clients.

    Business Problem

    MEGACOR is much more than an event scheduler or an ISO 15022 enabler:

    MEGACOR also calculates the entitled positions, processes both the cash and securities impacts at each corporate action and reconciles the results with the custodians or depositories. It operates in a multi-entity, multi-instrument, multilingual and multi-currency environment.

  • -Technical Details

    • Data cleansing
      • Multi feed sources
      • Comparison and rating
      • Feeds scrubbing at field level...
    • Announcement
      • Event management
      • Event notification...
    • Entitlement
      • Entitlement calculation
      • Entitlement notification
      • Adjustements
      • Reconciliation
    • Instructions
      • Collecting client instruction
      • Reminder for late instructions...
    • Payment
      • Reconciliation with custodian
      • Allocations to clients
      • Payment confirmation
      • Fees & Forex management...
    • Tax & Claims
      • Tax calculation and regulatory reporting
      • Market claims...

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Christian CURE


    Phone: +33 1 41207900

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