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Ivory Service Architect offers an innovative solution to allows mainframe assets in CICS® and IMS™ to be exposed as web service without the need to write new code, or requiring application changes. Ivory Service Architect also allow mainframe applications to communicate with open systems platforms, such as J2EE, .NET.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Ivory provides technology to integrate CICS® and IMS™ applications with distributed systems. Distributed systems could be full application environments like .Net or Java™. It could also be browser based solutions, and mobile applications integrated with mainframe systems.

    Ivory Studio, a graphical tool for building application flow for Web Services follows a modeling process. Services integration is done through standards based SOAP web services, JSON or RESTful requests. This breadth of support for different service requests enable our clients to pick the technology they want to use, and know it could be integrated with their system z® applications in CICS, or IMS.

    No XML knowledge is required by CICS/IMS Application programmers to provide SOAP based Web Services.
    The Studio in conjunction with the Server provides the ability to build multi-operation WSDL files for Web Services. Target applications on CICS can be any combination of 3270 BMS, COMMAREA and IMS processing.

    This support provides Composite application processing, which can also include external Web Service applications accessed by Ivory on behalf of the CICS system. CICS developers can use Ivory to access Web Services via an API call to Ivory, the outbound SOAP API is a simple CICS LINK process passing a COMMAREA or GETMAIN storage area. Ivory supports HTTP/HTTPS and security functions via standard CICS TCPIPSERVICEs.

    Ivory provides top-down & bottom-up Web Service development for CICS.

    Business Case


    • Mainframe integration
    • CICS® integration to distributed application
    • IMS™ Integration to distributed application
    • Provide users with a common and familiar interface to host based systems eliminating the need for retraining
    • Give remote users secure access to host data without expensive hardware or software
    • Reduce traditional emulation hardware and software support requirements
    • The simplicity of a 2-tier architecture
    • Works on Windows®, UNIX®, Mac® and LINUX® based clients


    Business Problem

    • Expose mainframe application in CICS®, and IMS™ via services
    • Integration between pureSystems™ and system z® applications
    • Ease integration between mainframe, and non mainframe systems
    • Support multi-platform deployment (Windows®, Linux®, Linux on z, CICS, z/OS®)
    • Exploit specialty engines on z.OS (zIIP, zAAP)
    • Integrate mainframe with browser application
    • Integrate mainframe with mobile solutions

  • -Technical Details

    Ivory Server is a CICS® Transaction Server process that provides the SOAP processing without the need for any middle tier servers. Ivory Server processes the information collected by Ivory Studio and calls the IBM® 3270 Bridge and/or CICS COMMAREA applications. The server accepts XML input, and uses processing rules and the WSDL (Web Services Descriptor Language) SOAP packet to process the business rules defined in the graphical model. It then builds results for the return SOAP packet.

    Ivory Server provides SOAP support via HTTP and HTTPS protocols. There is no need for IBM® BTS (Business Transaction Services) support. Outbound SOAP processing API for CICS applications.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Wilson Rains


    Phone: 1-404-253-1300

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