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Manhattan Associates, Inc.

Warehouse Management for IBM i

Inside the walls of your warehouse, your utilization of every component—space, people, inventory and equipment—will impact your bottom line in profound ways over time. Warehouse Management enables you to analyze these components continually, so you can conserve effort, fill orders faster and more accurately, save space and reduce inventory.

SAS Institute

SAS Enterprise Miner

IBM PureFlex System
Integrated data mining application. SAS® Enterprise Miner streamlines the data mining process while providing the flexibility to collaborate with a broad workgroup on projects to create accurate predictive and descriptive models based on large volumes of enterprise wide data.

Midrange Performance Group (MPG)

Power Navigator

Version: V7.1a
Graphic access to the historical IBM AIX® and Linux™ Performance data and capacity planning. Now available as an AIX virtual appliance for the IBM PureFlex systems delivering a rapid deployment with integrated expertise.

Zend Technologies USA Inc

Zend Server Application Pattern

This pattern lets PureApplication System users deploy PHP applications in the PureApplication environment using Zend Server, the premier application platform for PHP. Zend Server provides enterprise-grade performance, debugging, and monitoring for the applications that power the web and mobile world.

DSAPPS INC (ProjectWare)

ProjectWare Dashboard for Rapid Project and Document Automation.

IBM PureFlex System
Projectware Dashboard is a cloud based software tool for collaborative project management, team & task scheduling, documents and issue management, cost and time management. It allows teams to rapidly automate business processes within and beyond the enterprise, now enabled on IBM® PureSystems™ delivering integrated expertise.



"infoScoop" is a Web2.0-based enterprise information portal that evolves with the individuals' work styles.This portal provides important information for individuals from their business systems and huge information inside or outside of their companies.

Ehrhardt + Partner GmbH & Co. KG

Warehouse Management System LFS

Version:LFS 7
The warehouse management system LFS Version 7 controls and optimizes all warehouse resources. Other integral components include: radio frequency for online forklift control, picking with barcode readers, Pick-by-Voice, Pick-by-Light systems and transponder technology (RFID).

inFORM Decisions

iDocs - Enterprise Content Management Solutions

iDocsTM is the central processing engine (administrator) that runs seamlessly with iSeries® - System i ® - Power Systems Accounting/ERP software applications. iDocs monitors Output Queues for spool files, database files or XML data to process and route based on user-defined business rules.

Raz Lee Security Ltd.


IBM PureData System
DB-Gate gives IBM i sites new data access capabilities, employing standard OS/400 to enable totally DB-transparent access to remote systems; e.g. an IBM i program written in RPG, Cobol, C, etc., can use SQL to access a Netezza server and other external DBs from the same program. Same for the STRSQL interactive console.

Cognizant Technology Solutions India Private Limited

Cognizant Video-as-a-Service platform

The Cognizant Video-as-a-Service is a platform which provides a two-way video streaming facility with live chat and translation which can used for various business uses such as customer care-in Insurance and Banking industry, health-care and life sciences, Retail, IME etc.

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