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SDS Software Daten Service GmbH


Version:Release 7.3
GEOS is an integrated online system for high-performance 24x7 STP of securities & derivatives in real time for international banks and financial institutions. GEOS also stands for - Platform independence - High level of scalability - Multi-client, multi-currency, multi-language, multi-channel, multi-tier capabilities



INTERCOPE’s BOX solution provides a ‘Single Window’ for financial messaging. BOX supports multiple financial networks including EBICS via PPI, SIAnet and SWIFTNet. BOX addresses the requirements of large financial institutions for high performance, high throughput, and high availability including Instant Payments.

icon Systemhaus GmbH


DOPiX - ein prozessintegriertes Korrespondenzsystem für große Unternehmen mit hohem kundenindividuellen und automatisierten Kommunikationsbedarf

Townsend Security Inc

Alliance Token Manager

Tokenization is a recognized data privacy strategy that replaces sensitive data with a token. The generated token maintains the original data characteristics but holds no value, reducing the risk associated sensitive data loss.

Midrange Performance Group (MPG)

Power Navigator

Version: V8.0k
Power Navigator automates the collection of historical nmon data for AIX and Linux operating systems. Then a Windows client provides a graphical interface to this data for management reporting, problem determination and capacity planning.

SAS Institute

SAS Enterprise Miner

IBM PureFlex System
Integrated data mining application. SAS® Enterprise Miner streamlines the data mining process while providing the flexibility to collaborate with a broad workgroup on projects to create accurate predictive and descriptive models based on large volumes of enterprise wide data.

HelpSystems, LLC

Skybot Scheduler

Skybot Scheduler is a powerful, flexible, affordable workload automation tool. It is an easy-to-use, job scheduling solution for Windows®, UNIX®, and Linux® servers, now enabled on PureSystems™ for rapid deployment.

Information Builders - New York

Information Builders WebFOCUS Business Analytics

A fully integrated enterprise analytics solution that delivers information to all levels of an organization. Empowers users to access, query, analyze, and share information where it’s needed -- with scalability, flexibility, and speed. Enabled for z, Power, Linux on Power, Pure Systems, and Watson.

Raz Lee Security (2001) LTD


iSecurity is the most comprehensive, end-to-end security solution for IBM i (AS/400) systems. Its components manage all aspects of IBM i security, working together to provide total, out-of-the-box security. iSecurity is appropriate for all industries and is ideal for large shops as well as for SMBs.

SugarCRM Inc.

SugarCRM Sugar

SugarCRM enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative, flexible and affordable CRM solution in the market, that aligns with IBM ExperienceOne / Smarter Commerce, IBM Collaboration Solutions, IBM Analytics, and IBM Infrastructure.

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