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Welcome to the IBM PureSystems Centre highlighting our first-ever family of integrated systems with built in expertise! On the PureSystems Centre, you can access patterns from IBM and IBM Business Partners, updates to systems and patterns, and expertise for maximizing the benefit of systems and patterns. PureSystems patterns are part of a broad portfolio of solutions that accelerate deployment and simplify management for cloud, business, and infrastructure applications.

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PureSystems Patterns

PureFlex System PureApplication System PureData System

IBM PureFlex System

PureFlex System is an infrastructure system that provides an integrated computing environment -- combining servers, storage, networking, virtualization, and management into a single offering.

PureFlex System supports the following pattern types:

IBM PureApplication System

PureApplication System is a platform system specifically designed and tuned for running applications. The system supports the use of patterns for easy deployment into its cloud environment.

PureApplication System supports the following pattern types:

IBM PureData System

PureData System is a platform that is designed and optimized for your data services.

The PureData System comes in the following models which are pre-configured and optimized for specific data workloads:

Types of Patterns

View IBM PureSystems patterns for these areas:

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IBM Business Partner Spotlight

Arkeia Network Backup

The Arkeia Network Backup Suite is designed for mid-sized organizations that require fast, easy-to-use, and affordable data protection. The company’s appliances, virtual appliances, and software back up critical data to disk, tape, and cloud storage.

ECObjects / TotalBOM

ECObjects / TotalBOM TotalBOM is an integrated BOM/cPDM solution that can be used throughout the product lifecyle from engineering, manufacturing, procurement, marketing, sales to after service. TotalBOM manages all data in a single database providing an effective real time collaborative environment.

Earnix Insurance Optimizer

Earnix Insurance Optimizer Demand-driven price optimization platform for the property and casualty insurance sector

Visual LANSA

Visual LANSA Visual LANSA provides a comprehensive Windows-based integrated development environment for cross-platform software development. Visual LANSA uses a meta-data repository and a high-level programming language to develop Browser, Mobile, Windows rich-client, 5250 and server-based applications using one skill set.

IBM Pattern Spotlight

IBM Connections Content Manager Pattern

IBM Connections Content Manager Pattern IBM Connections Content Manager Pattern 5.0 delivers a preconfigured IBM pattern for rapid deployments of IBM Connections Content Manager into virtualized environments

IBM Connections Pattern

IBM Connections Pattern IBM Connections Pattern 5.0 delivers a preconfigured IBM pattern for rapid deployments of IBM Connections into virtualized environments

IBM Web Application Pattern

IBM Web Application Pattern Pre-entitled for use with PureApplication System: The IBM Web Application Pattern is a full stack of IBM software tailored for Web Applications

IBM Transactional Database Pattern

IBM Transactional Database Pattern Pre-entitled for use with PureApplication System: The IBM Transactional Database Pattern enables you to provision,create and deploy departmental databases configured and optimized for OLTP processing in minutes offering you a simple and cost effective approach to deploying new database capabilities. Updated to include IBM DB2 10.5.

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What is a virtual appliance?

Virtual appliances accelerate your entry into cloud environments. Virtual appliances are pre-packaged patterns that combine an ISV's application with middleware components and the operating system for rapid deployment with minimal customization. Virtual appliances for PureFlex are built by ISVs with tooling provided by the Virtual Appliance Factory (VAF) with support from IBM Innovation Centers (IICs). PureFlex virtual appliances that are Ready for PureSystems require either PowerVM or KVM hypervisors.

What is a workload optimized system?

A workload optimized system (WOS) for PureFlex is a complete ISV pattern that has been deeply integrated with key components of PureSystems (for example, FSM) to deliver superior performance, scalability or reliability. A WOS helps you accelerate time-to-value, improve quality of service or customer satisfaction and may reduce your total cost of ownership. Workload optimized systems are developed with the support of IBM technical resources and may have a reference architecture to provide you with technical information to help you leverage the full benefits of the pattern's integration with PureFlex.

What is a virtual application?

Virtual applications are application centric deployments that can be customized to define the various properties and the required quality of service levels. At deployment time, the system determines the infrastructure and middleware that are required to host the virtual application.

What is a virtual system?

Virtual systems implement deployment topologies from one or more virtual images and applications from the system catalog. Your system comes with preinstalled virtual system patterns that can be customized for the topology and configuration of your environment.

What is a virtual image?

Virtual images provide the operating system and product binary files that are required to create a virtual system instance. Your system comes with preinstalled virtual images that can be extended to customize the operating system and other properties.

What is the PureData System for Analytics?

The PureData System for Analytics is optimized for complex analytics and powered by Netezza technology. The system simplifies and accelerates the performance of data services for deep analytical applications and allows very complex algorithms to run in minutes.

What is the PureData System for Operational Analytics?

The PureData System for Operational Analytics is optimized for operational analytical workloads that deliver data services for both operational reporting and deep analytics.

What is the PureData System for Transactions?

The PureData System for Transactions is optimized for continuously available transactional workloads. The system comes with built-in expertise to simplify the deployment and management of enterprise transactional databases.

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