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Maximo BI Packs

Version: Maximo +, Cognos 10.1.1
Support level:  Not supported
Provided by:  IBM
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Last updated:  Mar 25, 2014

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Starting with Version, new Maximo BI (Business Intelligence) Work Packs are available, extending Maximo to a deeper level of Analytic Reporting.  

This offering includes a suite of easy to use Work Order,Asset and Inventory Workspaces and Metrics.  These immediately give you visual insight into areas like Work Order Backlog, MTTR, MTBF and more.  

Apply this content today to gain a deeper understanding of your Maximo and business environment.  

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Additional Information

Notes: This extended content is for IBM Cognos 10.1.1.  You must be on IBM Maximo or later to utilize it.  If you use Cognos thru Tivoli Common Reporting (TCR), this content is not available due to its support of Cognos 8.4.1 only with Maximo.       Additionally, this content is supported on DB2 environments only.

Revision History
2.  March 2014 - Added zip file containing additional Supply Chain content and updated Work Order Management content.  New file is

1.   December 2013 -- Updated Zip file name with additional workspaces and metric reports for Asset and Asset Failures.   New file is


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Security verifications help

Thread modeling:

Threat modeling helps drive the depth of the verification as well as to help gauge the technical and business impact of any identified risks discovered.

Manual code review:

Test for access control, encryption, data protection, logging, back-end systems communications and usage along with tracing data flow through the solution.

Penetration testing:

Test of environmental security controls like web application firewalls, URL-based access control mechanisms and centralized authentication gateways for example.

Automated static analysis:

Examine the source code to identify API calls and code paths that are significant from a security perspective. Data flow analysis that searches for entry and exit points in the application and traces the flow of un-trusted input through those paths.

Vulnerability scanning:

Explore application and database usage to identify weakness for example: issues with XSS, CSRF, SQL Injection, unprotected directories, and open ports. Evaluate to identify duplicate findings, false positives and include further anaylsis.

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About ISM Business Partner Solutions

ISM Library Business Partner view list Business Partner solutions that have been integrated with Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure solutions, including Tivoli Software, Maximo, Netcool, TRIRIGA, Endpoint Manager, Storage Manager, SmartCloud service management, and SmartCloud Orchestrator software.

Each of the listed solutions have completed the Ready for Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure technical validation verifying they meet the IBM integration criteria for the designated Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure offering. The entry provides information on the partner's solution and a link to their designated website where customers can obtain get further information on obtaining the solution.

The content displayed is also linked to the partners solution record in the IBM PartnerWorld Global Solutions Directory for further updates and consistent information.

About ISM Library Community Additions

The Integrated Service Management Library Community Additions lists sample integrations and examples provided by none IBM individuals engaged in deploying and extending IBM Service Management offerings. This may include agents, fixlets, scripts, workflows, automation packages, sensors, and other integration types.

All sample integrations listed in the ISM Library Community Additions view are by individuals (The Provider), not IBM, who have agreed to host the solution example in the ISM Library and provide the sample integrations to those choosing to download and use on an "As-Is" basis.

The Provider of the Content is the party that submitted the Content for Posting and who represents and warrants that they own all of the Content, (or have obtained all written releases, authorizations and licenses from any other owner(s) necessary to grant IBM the ability to allow the Content to be downloaded with respect to portions of the Content not owned by the Provider). All information provided on or through this ISM Library Community Additions view may be changed or updated without notice. You understand that IBM has no obligation to check information and /or Content on the ISM Library Community Additions view and that the information and/or Content provided on this site may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.

About ISM Library

IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure software is helping companies around the world by providing the visibility, control and automation needed to deliver quality service, manage risk and compliance, maximize return on investments, and accelerate business growth. This is an integrated approach to service management, offering comprehensive tools and processes that help drive competitive innovation for managing a broad set of resources comprising an enterprise.

The Integrated Service Management Library is one of those tools providing "Ready to Deploy" integration modules and integration information to extend IBM Service Management coverage to more solutions and systems across the smarter infrastructure. Integrations like solution agents, adaptors, smart monitors, system sensors, energy modules, automation profiles and other resources can be readily retrieved to connect a wide variety of IBM and third party offerings. Provided by IBM and IBM Business Partners, these integrations and solution highlights improve the time to operational value for customers and integrators looking to address the ever changing infrastructure needs of a successful business.

IBM Business Partners looking to integrate their solutions with IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure software, and highlight the solution in IBM ISM Library, can take advantage of the enablement services through the Ready for Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure: offering. This demonstrates that their solutions successfully connect and extend the value of Service Management for our common customers. These solutions are highlighted in ISM Library as:

ISM Library provides an ideal "go to market" tool for IBM Business Partners wanting to promote their Service Management integrations, along side IBM developed service extensions, for customers, Re-sellers, System Integrators and IBM sales responding to requirements and preparing proposals.

ISM Library Business Partner FAQs

What IBM Products does the ISM Library Business Partner solutions represent?

Business partner solutions represented in the ISM Library are those that have been integrated with the IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure (Tivoli) portfolio including Tivoli Software, as well as Maximo, Netcool, TRIRIGA, Endpoint Manager and SmartCloud service management software.

How are solutions represented?

Solutions are presented by the solution area for which they have been integrated with. For example, solutions integrated with IBM Maximo will show under the Asset Management solution area.

What must a Business Partner do to have a solution represented?

IBM Business Partners can select the "Submit a solution" and the "IBM Business Partner" option that will lead to the Ready for Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure offering covering the enablement and validation of solutions.

Ready for Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure site

Are there resources as partner can use for their solution integrations?

Along with the resources listed on the Ready for Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure site, a partner can also visit our Service Management Connect community containing information on preparing content for our related offerings

If I do not find desired content, whom do I contact?

Solution content is organized by the Product the content is used with and by "Content Type" (or solution type).
You can locate content using the following:
* Search windows that will provide a list based on keywords.
* Filter by Product, Content Type, Solution Area or Industry.

You can also "Email us" or "Request info" to inquire about content you desire and cannot locate.

Cloud Orchestrator Catalog FAQs

1- For which of the IBM Cloud Products does the IBM Cloud Orchestrator Catalog cater content?

  • IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator
  • IBM SmartCloud Provisioning
  • IBM SmartCloud Control Desk
  • IBM SmartCloud Cost Management
  • IBM SmartCloud Application Performance Management
  • Tivoli Endpoint Manager
  • IBM Service Delivery Manager
  • Tivoli Service Automation Manager

2- What are the different content items?

  • Orchestration applications and toolkits
  • Software bundle
  • Virtual System Pattern (vSys & addOns)
  • Virtual System Pattern AddOns
  • Virtual Application patterns
  • Virtual images
  • TOSCA patterns (Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications)
  • Automation Scripts (Chef scripts, Adaptor scripts, general utility scripts.)

3- Are there any enablement processes to develop content?

Yes, IBM Business Partners can select the "Submit a solution" and the "IBM Business Partner" option that will lead to the Ready for Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure offering covering the enablement and validation of solutions for the Cloud Orchestrator Catalog.

You can visit the Service Management Connect community containing information on preparing content for our Cloud related offerings.

You can also use the Cloud Orchestrator Catalog "Email us", "Request info" or append a comment to an entry for further enablement information or information on a particular item.

4- If I do not find a specific content on Cloud Orchestrator Catalog, whom do I contact?

Solution content is organized by the Product the content is used with and by "Content Type" (or solution type) like virtual image or system patterns. You can locate content using the following:
    * Search windows that will provide a list based on keywords.
    * Filter by Product, Content Type, Solution Area or Company.

You can also use the Cloud Orchestrator Catalog "Email us" or "Request info" to inquire about content you desire and cannot locate.

5- For customizing the content that is available on Cloud Orchestrator Catalog, whom do I talk to ?

You can visit the Service Management Connect community containing information on preparing content for our Cloud related offerings.

You can also use the Cloud Orchestrator Catalog "Email us", "Request info" or append a comment to an entry for further information on customizing items.

6- How can a Business Partner provide content for the Cloud Orchestrator Catalog?

Business Partners can select the "Submit a solution" and the "IBM Business Partner" option that will lead to the Ready for Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure offering covering the enablement and validation of solutions for the Cloud Orchestrator Catalog.

7- How can a customer or user provide content to the Cloud Orchestrator Catalog?

Customers and Individuals can select the "Submit a solution" and the "Individual contributor" option that will present an agreement and screen for providing information and attaching the item to be hosted.

ISM Library Community Additions FAQs

What is the ISM Library Community Additions View?

This ISM Library view provides a listing of sample solution integrations provided by indivudals, not IBM nor IBM Business Partners.

How are the Community Addition sample solutions provided?

Solution integration samples in this view are prepared and provided by the individual listed as the "Provider", not IBM.

Who can downlaod the Community Additions solution integrations?

All Community Addition entries are made available on an "AS-IS" basis by the "Provider" who listed the solution entry in the ISM Library.

How can an individual contribute a sample solution integration?

Select "Submit a Solution" on ISM Library and follow the "Individual Contributor" option that will provide the steps required.

How can I inquire about additional solutions listed?

Use the "E-mail us" feature to inquire and let us know how we can assist.

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