What is Voices?

Voices is a service that ranks the most valuable content shared by a curated list of Twitter accounts. With Voices, you see top trending stories from people you trust-rather than a feed of recent tweets. Use it to connect to and view tweets from key thought leaders. You can view IBM's own feed of IBMers and brands, or contact us to create your own feed.

Today on Voices

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REA Score

The score of each content item is represented by these horizontal bars. IBM measures the performance of its social content by the metrics of Reach, Engagement and Amplification.


The number of times an update, post, or tweet has been seen by the followers, subscribers, or fans of its creator.


The intentional user interactions with an update, post, or tweet.


The spread of an update, post or tweet due to re-sharing by followers, the friends of followers, and so on.

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