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Hardware and Software warranty services

Simplify management, cut costs and boost performance with onsite and remote hardware maintenance services from IBM.

Which WarrantyPac coverage is right for you?
Warranty Pacs are for systems that are still within the original base warranty coverage period. Various service levels, response times and supported products are available for this type of ServicePac. If you have a new system which requires installation services, the Installation ServicePac is right for you.

Your machine type/model and serial number are required before your transaction can be processed.
Warranty service upgrades must be purchased during your original product warranty period and the service period begins with the date of equipment purchase.

Need help finding your machine type, model or serial number? Your machine identification and serial number label can usually be found on the rear or bottom of your machine.

Sales subject to terms and conditions

Installation pacs

System X warranty pacs

Storage warranty pacs

POS warranty pacs

VMware warranty pacs

Microsoft Warranty pac

Linux warranty pac

All prices are excluding of taxes as applicable.

Legend :
CCIR - Customer Carry In Repair
NBD - Next Business Day
SBD - Same Business Day
IOR -- IBM Onsite Repair
O/S -- IBM Onsite Repair
NOS - Network Operating System , OS - Operating System
Y, P, L - Year, Parts, Labour
9 x 5 x NBD -- 9 hours a day, 5 days a week (Mon - Fri) with Next Business Day response
9 x 5 x SBD -- 9 hours a day , 5 days a week (Mon - Fri) with Same Business Day response
24x7x4 -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (Mon-Sun) with 4 hr Response
P,L - Parts and Labour

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