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IBM Virtualization Solutions

Save with Virtualization. Reduce IT costs, increase asset utilization and improve systems management with IBM Virtualization solutions.
Simplify your IT infrastructure

As your organization grows, your IT infrastructure grows with it. And that growth can lead to an increase in the number of stand-alone servers, storage devices and applications. This "sprawl" in turn can lead to enormous inefficiency, expense, and systems management headaches. Your small servers may average 20% or less utilization rates and your IT staff may not be able to effectively manage various server assets — leading to downtime for systems and your business.

Virtualization helps you take back control of your infrastructure. That's because virtualization enables you to see and manage your computing resources in ways that offer more flexibility; you're not being restricted by implementation, location or physical packaging. With virtualization, you have a logical rather than a physical view of data, computing power, storage capacity and other resources.

While cost saving is a primary driver for initial virtualization deployment, the full value of virtualization lies in its ability to:

  • Simplify your IT infrastructure
  • Improve total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Increase flexibility
  • Enable access through shared infrastructure

The IT challenge is clear — simplify and optimize your IT infrastructure with IBM virtualization solutions.

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Server virtualization offers

IBM System x3850 M2
IBM System x3850 M2 server integrated with VMware ESXi 3.5 can help you control IT complexity and manage growth.


The virtualization platform for UNIX, Linux and IBM i clients.

Combine the IBM System z10 and DS8000
to create a one-two punch for data virtualization.

Storage virtualization offers

Great savings on IBM virtualization solutions
Maximize your data availability with IBM disk products and SAN Volume Controllers.

Virtualization services

Server Virtualization Services
Reduce server sprawl and save energy and money with virtualization.

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