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IBM customers are asking for more opportunities to touch our products before they purchase and implement. IBM's Advanced Technical Skills team offers valuable "no-charge" hands-on Web-enablement workshops. Browse the topics and drill down for more information on schedules, locations, and to find out how to register for these valuable sessions.


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WebSphere for System z

WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Version 7.0 - Implementation Workshop (WBSR7)
WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Version 7.0 is IBM's latest offering. The WBSR7 workshop is designed to introduce the attendee to the product and provide hands-on experience implementing a working server environment. We cover topics such as the new WCT configuration tool and how it works with the planning spreadsheet; the creation of a network deployment cell; how data is accessed, including CICS, DB2 and messaging; as well as some of the new V7 features such as the SMF 120.9 record and the Thread Hang Recovery feature. In addition, the attendee will receive many hints and tips on building effective WebSphere z/OS environments.

WebSphere Message Broker V7 for z/OS Workshop (WMB07)
This workshop mixes lecture and lab, giving attendees hands on experience with WMB V7 on z/OS. In this workshop, get the background knowledge you need to plan, implement and use Message Broker Version 7 on z/OS. Discuss and demonstrate the construction of a broker component. In the hands-on exercises, get first hand experience with the unique capabilities of Message Broker on System Z. Examine migration to the new version and coexistence, for those who are already using an older version of the broker. In addition to implementation and migration, get hands-on experience with building message flows and integrating with CICS and IMS systems. You will also build flows integrating with WMQFTE, and use the WSRR node. You will also exploit the Pub/Sub features of WMB with content based filtering and much more.

Security Workshop: WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Version 7.0 (WSW07)
This workshop is designed to help the participant understand the security capabilities of the WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Version 7 environment. The hands-on labs will provide the participant the opportunity to implement security on a working WebSphere V7 system on their lab z/OS system. System programmers, WebSphere administrators, z/OS security administrators and system architects wishing to develop a better understanding of the security capabilities of WebSphere Application Server when running in a z/OS environment will benefit from this workshop. In addition, Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) concepts will be presented and labs will focus on how Java EE security is specified by applications and implemented in WebSphere Application Server V7 in the z/OS environment.

WebSphere MQ V7 and WMQ FTE for z/OS Workshop - (WMQ07)
This workshop provides hands on experience with WebSphere's premier connectivity products for z/OS, WebSphere MQ V7 and WMQ FTE V7. Implementation and administration of the products on z/OS assist in planning implementation or migration. Hands-on experience is provided with applications using new features of WMQ, for example how a COBOL application can publish and subscribe. For WMQ FTE you will get experience transferring files, using MQ Explorer based tooling and commands.

WebSphere Process Server V6.2 for z/OS Implementation Workshop (ZWPS6)
This workshop consists of labs and lectures designed to give the participant an overview of the WebSphere Process Server V6.2 (WPS) for z/OS, its role in Business Process Management, and the tasks involved in the implementation and administration of the product. WPS V6.2 for z/OS is the runtime engine for artifacts produced in a business-driven development process. Technically, WebSphere Process Server is mounted on top of WebSphere Application Server and extends the WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus. You will learn the steps necessary to install, configure and administer the product in a WebSphere Application Server (WAS) for z/OS Network Deployment Environment.

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Linux for System z

Deploying WebSphere Centric Products on Linux for zSeries
This workshop is designed to provide students, through lectures and labs, with knowledge to evaluate and implement key web and WebSphere-based middleware technologies on Linux for zSeries machines. Attendees will get a quick start to Linux and VM concepts through lectures and a hands on Linux lab. The class will continue with current releases of a variety of WebSphere products. You will have the opportunity to install the current release of WebSphere Network Deployment, configure a cell and cluster, and test out failover and recovery Other key topics and products that will be covered include Databases (DB2) and LDAP (IBM’s Tivoli Directory Server). Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Web Services and Web 2.0 are hot topics that will be covered through a practical example which will include a discussion of WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). Rational Application Developer (RAD) an upstream development IDE tool will be used to build a Web Service.

Customizing Linux and the Mainframe for Oracle DB Applications
This class is designed for customers who are considering a move of Oracle to Linux on System z machines. Topics will be presented to familiarize the attendee with System z hardware technologies. Major software components will be show cased through lecture and hands on labs. Attendees will have the opportunity to perform customization activities on key z/VM system files. Linux will be covered through lectures and labs that include the install and customization of a SLES 10 64 bit system.

Virtualization and Consolidation to Linux on System z
This three-day customer event demonstrates the benefits of consolidating distributed servers onto Linux running on the System z. The event consists of a business seminar followed by a technical workshop. Day one is a business seminar for IT Business professionals as well as technical professionals. This seminar focuses on building a business case and demonstrating the benefits of consolidation and virtualization of distributed systems to Linux on System z. Days two and three are a technical workshop with hands on labs where attendees will perform consolidation of distributed applications to Linux on System z, project and validate capacity requirements through modeling techniques, and review the tools available and steps of establishing a consolidation project.

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Power Systems

Linux and PowerVM Workshop
Linux and PowerVM Workshop, a full four day Linux course showcasing our POWER-based servers and everything your customer ever wanted to know about the two of them together! Here's your chance to get prospective/interested users from your account opportunities to attend our workshop and give Linux and PowerVM a test drive. Check out our Linux and PowerVM Agenda and flyer for more information:

AIX and PowerVM for UNIX Professionals
AIX and PowerVM for UNIX Professionals Still going, still great, and newly refreshed! It's the original competitive technical presales marketing workshop, AIX & PowerVM for UNIX Professionals featuring our Power6-based IBM Power Systems p550 servers. Designed for the experienced Solaris or HP-UX administrator and showcasing the best of AIX 6.1 in a lab environment; it's a 4 day hands-on lecture/lab/workshop consisting of instructor presentation and proctored labs utilizing 20 wireless T61 ThinkPad laptops, SAN Switch, DS4700 storage subsystem, and two rack-mounted p550 8 core servers. It's sponsored by Power Systems Brand, Sales and Marketing, hosted by the Regions and offered free of charge to the HP and/or Sun system admins with an interest in moving to AIX.

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DS8000 Advanced Function Workshop*
In this workshop, we'll discuss real world data replication and business continuity scenarios, including live demonstrations of market leading IBM storage management and a tour of the Gaithersburg Business Continuity and Resiliency Data Center. The instructors are IBM subject matter experts with years of experience providing demonstrations, benchmarks and technical support. IBM customer representatives nomination is required and seating is limited to 20 attendees max.

ProtecTIER Data De-duplication Customer Workshop*
This customer workshop covers data de-duplication concepts, real-world usage examples of ProtecTIER functions and live demonstrations showing ProtecTIER's ease of use. Topics explored include, ProtecTIER Overview, data sizing, capacity planning, enhancing a disaster recovery scenario, how to estimate and measure the impact of a de-duplication solution.

XIV Technical Workshop*
This customer workshop will cover XIV technical concepts, real-world usage examples of XIV functions and live demonstrations showing XIV ease of use. IBM in Gaithersburg, Maryland is a state-of-the-art facility which demonstrates IBM’s commitment to helping clients. IBM customer representatives nomination is required and seating is limited to 20 attendees max.

Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Workshop
The ATS TPC workshop will introduce customers to the most frequently used functions of the Tivoli Storage Productivity Center (TPC) and System Storage Productivity Center (SSPC) products. This workshop will cover the real world uses of TPC in various situations while connected to a live TPC server on a Storage Area Network (SAN). The presentations and hands-on lab exercises will expose the student to how TPC can be used to address common and elusive storage network issues such as: troubleshooting, planning, notification, and reporting.

SAN Volume Controller (SVC) Technical Workshop
The ATS SVC workshop will introduce attendees to one of IBM’s Information Infrastructure Virtualization products and demonstrate how SVC contributes to Infrastructure Simplification and Availability. This workshop will cover block virtualization basic concepts, and how to simplify the management of your storage infrastructure, including new functions for thin provisioning, data migration, and copy services. The presentations and lab exercises will step the student through SVC basics, and then move to implementation and Disk migration. An introduction to SVC Copy Services and additional management options will complete the day.

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*This Workshop provides technical support via complex product demonstrations, proof of concepts (PoC), proof of technologies (PoT), technology test drives, skills development, and skills transfer.


ATS Migration and Solution Assurance Workshop
The Advanced Technical Skills Migration and Solution Assurance Workshop is available to qualified companies choosing to migrate their Oracle database and application environments from a non IBM UNIX/Linux platform to an IBM Power Systems or an IBM System z platform. This is not a services offering, and there is no associated fee. The Migration and Solution Assurance Workshop is a "value-add" offering geared toward companies who want to invest in their own skills/expertise and who want to take ownership for re-hosting their own platforms, without engaging a services provider. This workshop can help customers succeed in this endeavor by providing a readiness review, an on-site workshop, and a solution assurance review.

For additional information please contact your IBM Representative or send an e-mail to


CICS Integration Workshop
This 3-day workshop will use a combination of lectures and labs to survey the various CICS connectivity options, with an emphasis on those connectivity options available in CICS TS 4.1. CICS TS V4.1 provides new options to address today's modern-interface connectivity needs. These connectivity options include CICS Web Services Support, CICS Web Support, Web 2.0-oriented interfaces, REST interfaces using PHP, ATOM Feeds, the CICS Transaction Gateway, WSRR, Events, SCA, and the new face of CICS, the CICS Explorer. CICS's Event processing will allow you to signal events when certain business occur within your applications. This workshop you will help you better understand CICS connectivity options and their technical implications relative to configuration, transactionality and security.

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IMS 11 Enhancements and Migration Seminar — Coming Soon —
This three-day seminar will show you how to preserve your IMS investment and leverage it as you migrate to IMS 11 and meet the requirements of hte modern on demand environment. You will learn more about IMS and migration planning for IMS 11, including how to share and aggregate informaiton even with a shortage of skilled database administrators.

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