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Welcome to the new Africa Skills Academy Portal

We have changed the interface of the portal and have made available additional landing pages like Careers, where you will be able to get information about the courses we are offering for each career path, and the Open Badges, where you will be able to see information about the Badges offered for a specific career path and what are the criteria's to earn them.

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Best Student Recognition Event from EMEA

Join us to congratulate Louis Kojo from Ghana, Nigeria for being one out of only 80 students selected from EMEA for the Best Student Recognition Event (BSRE), after securing a score of 90% in Big Data.

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Africa Skills Academy on IBM Global Jobs Blog

We are pleased to announce that Africa Skills Academy just got featured on IBM Global Jobs Blog. To read more about what the Business Development Executive Academia, Andrea Emiliani has to stay about the program, please click here.

Asia Pacific Portal

We are glad to announce that the IBM Skills Academy have expanded to the Asia Pacific region. To know more about the Asia Pacific Skills Academy, please click here.

IBM Skills Academy Open Badges

We are pleased to announce that we have started issuing Open Badges for our Program. To know the immense value that the Open Badges can bring to you, please click href="">here.

Program Overview

The IBM Africa Skills Academy Program is IBM's premier training and certification initiative for academia in the MEA region. The program provides unique academic roadmaps for faculty members and students, preparing them to succeed in demanding positions unique to the market. The program provides a world class training experience, leveraging IBM official courses, IBM official instructors and hands-on laboratories in multiple languages.


IBM Investment

IBM is dedicated to the Middle East & Africa as a hub for innovation. We are working with regional universities to establish long-term partnerships. We are rapidly building our talent pipeline by developing graduate programs for students that will foster talent within IBM and build a continent-wide IT ecosystem.

IBM Official Press Release:

IBM Point of View in Africa

    Speakers: Takreem El-Tohamy, General Manager - IBM Middle East and Africa

    Skills for the Future of Africa

      Speakers: Naguib Attia, Vice President - Global University Programs

      Academic Benefits


      Students are at the core of a unique learning experience, with access to leading-edge professional skills development. Through our anytime-anywhere approach, students are engaged in hands-on training exercises from any location. Students also have the chance to participate in IBM contests and internship opportunities, gaining increased exposure to hiring managers, industry partners and IBM recruitment leaders.


      Through IBM's official training, exams and certifications, teachers have an opportunity to improve their skills. Teachers excelling in the program will be considered for future training opportunities in the region. They will receive up-to-date materials to deliver their courses.


      Universities benefit from the adoption of a cloud-enabled learning environment provided by IBM. This platform contains a series of IBM official training courses that accelerate the adoption of the latest technology in the university curriculum. This means students work on real-life industry scenarios to develop critical thinking skills.

      Program Components

      • Career Paths

        The IBM Career Paths provide an educational program focusing on job role based training and certifications aligned to the global IT industry needs.

        To know more about the Career Paths, please

      • Open Badges

        The IBM Open badges are a new online standard to recognize and verify skills acquired throughout the learning process. Each badge contains verified metadata describing your qualifications and the rigorous process necessary to earn them.

        To know more about the Open Badges, please

      • Portal

        The IBM Africa Skills Academy portal is a learning platform through which students and faculty members access IBM Career Paths. The portal offers a unique mobile learning experience designed exclusively for students. The platform offers a personalized experience through self-assessment quizzes, progress tracking and interactive learning tools, in multiple languages.

      • Cloud

        IBM Cloud Labs is a cloud-computing platform allowing students and faculty members to perform hands-on training exercises. The platform provides access to technical know-how through real-time unrestricted access to enterprise software.

      Career Paths

      Program Benefits


      Train and certify in next-generation technologies and prepare for a job role in the IT industry.


      Collaborate with experts from the industry and educate students to international standards.


      Provide an environment that offers cutting-edge training in technology and is aligned to the IT industry needs.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      IMPORTANT NOTICE: Only the users that have been authorised to access the portal can sign in.

      • How do I get authorisation to access the portal?
        • If you belong to an institution registered in the program please contact your institution focal point.
        • If you are not from an authorised institution, please refer to the contact us section to enroll your institution in the program or reach the IBM Africa Skills Academy Help desk.
      • What ID do I use to sign in?
        • You must have a valid IBM id to sign in. Click here to register an IBM ID