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Take the following actions to make your search more effective:

1. Be specific. Try using terms that are unique or try adding descriptive terms. For example, a search for DB2 might return too many results. If you are really looking for DB2 UDB, enter db2 udb or db2 udb linux.

2. Try using synonyms. If you get too few results or do not find what you are looking for, try synonyms for your original terms. For example, instead of searching for java classes, try java training.

3. Check your spelling. A single misspelled or mistyped term can change your results.

4. Learn from your results. Your search might not return exactly what you are looking for, but scanning the results can help you see the words that were found and give you ideas for other searches.

In addition, search is not case sensitive. The search db2 will return the same results as DB2.