IBM Z hardware and firmware service requests

IBM Z hardware under warranty or an IBM maintenance agreement

For an IBM Z server under warranty or an IBM maintenance agreement, if the remote service settings of the server's Hardware Management Console (HMC) and Support Element (SE) are customized for automatically reporting problems and requesting service via the Remote Support Facility (RSF), then:

See the Introduction to z Systems Report a Problem (1.04MB, PDF, 10 Nov 2016) for more information about using the "Report a Problem" task.

Refer also to the Hardware Management Console Operations Guide and Support Element Operations Guide for your IBM Z server for more information about remote service settings, Problem Analysis, and the "Report a Problem" task. Sign in to Resource Link and see the Library page for publications for IBM Z.

Telephone support

Telephone support is also an option for IBM Z customers with servers under warranty or an IBM maintenance agreement. To find the telephone support options available in your country:

  1. Open the IBM directory of worldwide contacts.
  2. Open the contacts page for your country or region by selecting its link from the directory.
  3. Refer to the Support section on the contacts page. Options typically include telephone numbers for hardware support and software support.