System z LSPR ITR ratios for IBM processors where each model is configured with a single z/OS image equal in size to the physical Nway (#CP) of the model

 All capacity numbers are relative to the System z 2094-701 running a single z/OS image. Information presented in this table is current as of October 21, 2008. Workloads were run under IBM z/OS V1R9. This release of z/OS supports the definition of up to 64 processors in a single system image. In this environment, the Mixed Workload consists of an equal mix of OLTP-T, OLTP-W, WASDB, and CB-L;  the Low I/O (LoIO) Content Mix Workload consists of a mix of 44% CB-L, 28% WASDB and 28% OLTP-W;  the Transaction Intensive (TI) Mix Workload consists of a mix of 20% CB-L, 40% OLTP-W, and 40% OLTP-T.

Note: Please contact your IBM marketing representative to insure that you are using the most current data. Proper use of this data requires an understanding of the LSPR measurement methodology.

*MSUs are used for software pricing and are not necessarily a direct indication of relative processor capacity. MSUs for the 2084, 2086, 2094, 2096, 2097 and 2098 model types are set to provide improved software price/performance for applicable programs which have MSU based pricing.

**The higher Nways of the Single-Image table include enahncements whose availabilities are expected to be consistent with customer requirements. anyone contemplating running a 48way or larger z/OS image should contact IBM for a review of potential constraints.

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