Introduction and downloadable LSPR

The purpose of the LSPR is to provide reliable relative capacity data for System/370, System/390 and z/Architecture processors. The LSPR provides sets of workload sensitive ITRR tables and a methodology for their proper use in-order to reliably determine relative processor capacity for production workloads. The accompanying tables describe LSPR performance data as of the indicated date. For a description of the LSPR data, the guidelines or methodology for its use, and other details, please consult the latest Large Systems Performance Reference document that is available in PDF format via the web link. This version is only available in PDF format and can be downloaded with your browser.

In order to use the PDF file you must have Acrobat Reader installed. (Acrobat Reader 7 is recommended).

(Acrobat.pdf file download — if you want a high-resolution electronic document downloaded immediately in compressed, Adobe Portable Document Format using the Adobe Acrobat reader on Windows/MAC/UNIX/OS/2, you may, by clicking below, have Adobe Systems, Incorporated provide it to you directly. Please understand that Adobe Acrobat software constitutes the property of Adobe, and IBM makes no representations or warranties whatsoever with respect to such third-party software, or to whether it will operate on your computer. See Legal for further information.)

Acrobat Reader is available from Adobe.

Right-click here to download the Large Systems Performance Reference pdf: SC28-1187-19.pdf (2.75MB). If you have Acrobat Reader installed with your browser, this should enable you to view and save the PDF file with your browser. If you have difficulty viewing or printing the file from your browser, you may wish to download the file to your computer and then run Acrobat Reader using the copy of the file stored on your computer.

Limitations: A conversion tool was used to create the PDF file from the source document for the latest updated version of SC28-1187. This conversion process was not perfect. Adobe Acrobat Reader may occasionally display an error message about certain fonts. These messages should not affect the technical content of the document and may be ignored. Furthermore, the PDF document contains some blank pages which are only useful when printing in duplex mode.

More details on obtaining the LSPR PDF file

There are two ways to obtain the LSPR pdf:

  1. By downloading through your browser.
  2. By email. If you have difficulty downloading the LSPR pdf through your browser, you can request that a copy be sent to you via email by filling out a very brief request form for the document.

Through your browser
In most cases, the PDF file can be downloaded simply by clicking on the its name. If prompted whether to "open" or "save" the file, select "save".

Should you experience problems downloading the PDF by clicking on the link, most browsers provide an option that allows you to specifically download the link. Following is the procedure for Internet Explorer. (This has not been rigidly tested on all versions of Internet Explorer. If you encounter problems, please use the request form to have a copy of the LSPR pdf file sent directly to you via email.)

Internet Explorer

  1. Right-click on the file name link. A pop-up menu should appear.
  2. Select "Save target as..."

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